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Weekend Preview – black days

This week’s things to try and see this weekend. The standouts all happen to fall on this Saturday, but make sure to check out these two links for all kinds of more listings. Jessica Labbatte, UBS 12×12 @ MCA Jessica Labbatte‘s still life photographs are just excellent, and its no surprise to see the MCA’s […]

Weekend Preview – about sixty years ago

This week’s picks on what to see this weekend. Be sure to check out other listings here and here, because there are a lot of really nice openings and shows going up this weekend and for some reason I’m not listing all of them. Deb Sokolow @ Western Exhibitions Deb Sokolow, one of my favorite artists […]

Weekend Preview – there is no i in illiteracy

This week’s picks on what to see this weekend. Once again and as always, there are more things going on that listed here, so check out broader listings here and here. Ray Yoshida @ Sullivan Galleries A good case could be made that Ray Yoshida was Chicago’s most important artist, having effected the practice of […]

Weekend Preview – HB

This week’s picks on what to see this weekend. I almost always run into more shows than I can feature here, but this weekend seems especially loaded with great-sounding shows, so be sure to check out other listings here and here. Things to be Next To @ threewalls Kate Hackman and Shannon Stratton are bringing […]

Weekend Preview – Alyson Kennedy

This week’s look at some of what is going on this weekend. Check out links here and here for more listings. Hamish Fulton @ Rhona Hoffman Hamish Fulton mostly works with large-scale text and poetry wall-installations, but it takes some walking to get there. See the full range of media in his exhibition this fall at […]

Weekend Preview – power grab

This week’s picks on what to see this weekend, as always supplemented by these two links. Christopher Wool @ Corbett vs. Dempsey Christopher Wool is probably the biggest name to visit Chicago since last month’s openings at Rhona Hoffman and Kavi Gupta, and he’s leaping from your contemporary art history books to Noble Square with […]

Weekend Preview – we’re going to need a bigger studio

This week’s picks on what to see this weekend. As always, check out more links here and here. Also, there’s a new thing I’m trying this week: at the end of each show’s heading is a button that looks like  and which will take you to the show’s relevant listing over at Its that […]

Weekend Preview – hashtag

This week’s picks on what to see this weekend. For more listings, check here and here. La Frontera @ Museum of Contemporary Photography This weekend the Museum of Contemporary Photography will open what looks like an exhibition of documentary photos from the border and above and hopefully below, featuring work from Michael Hyatt, Andy Kropa, […]

Weekend Preview – this ain’t no bring your weed to work day

There’s a lot going on this weekend and I won’t be hitting half of the highlights here, so for many more listings you should check out this link right here. Some notable events in brief: Chicago blogger and sometimes-contributor to this site Erik Wenzel is opening an exhibition and lecture series titled Live a Little, Live […]

Weekend Preview – I’m no expert at spiders

This week’s picks on what to see this weekend. As usual there are many more and very good things happening, so be sure to check here too. Basement Show @ Parking Space Basement Show looks like a grand collection of artists from that easily identifiable but so far un-named half-punk-half-attempted-half-joke movement in Chicago art, with […]

Weekend Preview – its not even about being cheap

This week’s picks on what to see this weekend. Only two events this week, but there are more shows out there; check here for the rest. Laura Letinsky @ Donald Young Gallery Photographer Laura Letinsky will have some new work at Donald Young Gallery this month. You may remember her muted still life compositions from […]

Weekend Preview – How are you? Did you see him?

As you probably know, this is the big fall opening weekend where pretty much every active gallery in the city opens a new show. This is great for everyone except the people who compile lists and calendars of art events, who have dutifully labored on a number of great lists and sources for planning your […]

Weekend Preview – how are your classes

Here are this week’s picks on what to see this weekend. As always, more and other listings can be found here and here. Deborah Stratman @ Gahlberg Gallery Chicago artist and film-maker Deborah Stratman has installed a gallery converting installation combining improvisational architecture and booming, disorienting sound at the Gahlberg Gallery in Glen Ellyn. I strongly […]

Weekend Preview – what we need is an art fair

This week’s picks on what to see this weekend. There’s not that much going on, but for more listings check out here and here. I’m not going to plug it below, but consider checking out the really fun beach party going on Saturday night at The Hills. Uncrumpling This Much Crumpled Thing @ The Exhibition Agency Ok, […]

Weekend Preview – marginally less terrible than what everyone else is making

This week’s what to see this weekend. More info here and here. INDESTRUCTIBLE YOUTH @ Kunz,Vis,Gonzalez. Sounding even bigger and less destructible than last year’s Big Youth, this hot young artist show at the Kunz,Vis,Gonzalez. garage space will include the work of Chicago or New York artists Brad Hoffman, Dan Jarvis, Elena Ballara, Peter Clodfelter, Scott […]

Weekend Preview – embrace it

Here are my picks for what to see this weekend. Its the end of summer and there isn’t much, but more listings can be found here and here. B.C. MacEachran @ ebersmoore It was only 14 months ago that ebersmoore (then ebersb9) opened its first show, an exhibition of B.C. MacEachran‘s paintings titled Shooting Stars. […]

Weekend Preview – there must be some mistake

This week’s weekend picks. There aren’t that many other listings, but for more check out this link and also this one. Carrie Gundersdorf @ MCA I can’t be the only one surprised that Carrie Gundersdorf hasn’t already taken part in the UBS 12×12 series at the Museum of Contemporary Art, but I guess she hasn’t since […]

Weekend Preview – go see New Icon before it closes

Hey, this is the weekly post where I usually put up my picks for the weekend, but since the city is taking it easy on art openings for the next few days (though there still are a few), I thought I’ll dedicate this post to suggesting that you check out New Icon @ Loyola University Museum of […]

Weekend Preview – i dont care much for art however

This week’s picks. Check out more listings here and here. Danny Think Tank Danny Think Tank is a space and show going up this weekend for the Milwaukee Ave Arts Festival, and will feature work by Curt Bozif, Derek Chan, Ryan Fenchel, Dan Gunn, Roxane Hopper, Lisa Majer, Stephen Nyktas, Cole Pierce, Julie Rudder, Kendrick Shackleford and Craig Yu. Come see the opening this Friday, July 23rd […]

Weekend Preview – a brief introduction

This week’s picks. Check out more here and here. Terence Hannum @ PEREGRINEPROGRAM Terence Hannum is a pretty metal dude, performing (along with André Foisy) in Chicago’s intensely metal experimental duo LOCRIAN and making comparatively heavy paintings in low-end monochrome. Check out some of his new work on display this month in Negative Altars, opening this Friday, July 16th from […]