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An Unnatural Theatre @ Aid & Abet

When I first planned to spend six months after graduate school in the United Kingdom, I expected to be living in London or commuting there regularly. However, with train fares nearly five times the cost as in the US, I quickly faced a deflated travel budget and few choices for art in my base in […]

Ian Hetherington, Owen Piper, & Jacob Kerray @ CCA

While Glasgow’s The Modern Institute is still more of a gallery than an institution proper, and though the Glasgow School of Art is key for student life, I found the Center for Contemporary Art at the heart of the city’s support structure for professional artists. With three galleries, studios, a library, performance rooms, and discussion […]

Manfred Pernice @ The Modern Institute

The Modern Institute is a must-visit gallery in Glasgow, Scotland. With ties to artists as diverse as Chris Johanson, Urs Fischer, or ┬áCathy Wilkes, the Institute hosts quarterly exhibitions with enough hands-off curation to allow real focus on a single artist’s crafted imagination. When I visited the city in August, I was able to see […]