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MiniReview: Austin Eddy @ Golden Gallery

Austin Eddy apparently hasn’t let the attention he’s received prevent him from turning corners, swapping influences, and sliding into new bodies of work. Trading trippy magic stages and Keegan McChargue for Matisse-ey interiors and Tyson Reeder, Eddy’s latest work was an intensely colorful look into work in flux. There’s something going on in painting – I’ve seen many […]

Blurb: RADAR EYES @ Fardom Gallery

Say Hi to Kristin Reger, a post-chicago artist who will be now and then covering Chicagoish art events in New York. Curious about the funky ad for RADAR EYES I’d seen on the back of the most recent Lumpen magazine, I asked Kristin to talk about the show, which she co-curated in New York and which […]

Interview: Brennan McGaffey

Brennan McGaffey quietly maintains one of the most interesting art practices in the city of Chicago, creating interactive, mysterious urban interjections with his Intermod Series. Enjoy the interview, a Chicago Art Review first. Tell me a little about yourself and the history and goals of the Intermod Series. What other projects were involved? Around 1999 […]

Seven Artists of the Week – rebar is short for reinforcing bar

This week’s picks from Ryan. Happy holiday, click images for links. Two Pheobes!

Weekend Preview – Happy Birthday Britton Bertran

A couple really good openings this weekend. Here’s what I’ll be trying to see: Nicholas Frank / Joe Hardesty @ Western Exhibitions Two text-based artists hang work this weekend at Western Exhibitions, Nicholas Frank‘s self describing biographical narrative projects and Joe Hardesty‘s self-describing drawings. Check out more info here. Both shows open with a reception […]

Seven Artists of the Week – Happy Birthday Shannon Stratton

Seven artists of the week, from Ryan‘s picks. Click images for links. Full march!

Future Facing @ Old Gold

With a new address, coat racks, a paneled ceiling and a floor covered in tiny stones, Old Gold has opened again with a one night show featuring the work of Aline Cautis, Josh Mannis and Andy Roche. There was the prevailing social element to the event of the kind expected at one night events, with the work itself giving […]

MiniReview: Dan Attoe @ Western Exhibitions

(Note: I’m catching up on my backlog of shows I attended, photographed, and never wrote about. Enjoy the pictures and the brief summary.) September’s main space at Western Exhibitions featured Paul Nudd, I had wanted to give Dan Attoe‘s show in the second space its own review. The show was quiet, stretching its three pieces for maximum […]

MiniReview: Site Unspecific @ O’Connor Art Gallery

(Note: I’m catching up on my backlog of shows I attended, photographed, and never wrote about. Enjoy the pictures and the brief summary.) At the end of September, Dominican University’s O’Connor Gallery opened Site Unspecific, a group show which included work by Heather Mekkelson, Mara Baker, Adam Farcus, Rafael E. Vera, Brian Yates and Heidi Norton. The […]

MiniReview: Berry Sanders @ Co-Prosperity Sphere

(Note: I’m catching up on my backlog of shows I attended, photographed, and never wrote about. Enjoy the pictures and the brief summary.) Berry Sanders is a painter from Eindhoven, Netherlands (home of the Van Abbe Museum, recently mentioned here), and his show Tales From the Bubble was a series of large, black and white […]

MiniReview: Group Painting Show @ Ebersmoore

(Note: I’m catching up on my backlog of shows I attended, photographed, and never wrote about. Enjoy the pictures and the brief summary.) The first show at the new Ebersmoore space was also the last show at the Ebersb9 space. Given the straightforward title of Group Painting Show, and including the work of Amy Mayfield, Howard […]

Industry of the Ordinary @ Packer Schopf

39 Verbs was a one night event put on by Industry of the Ordinary at Packer Schopf. 39 artists were invited to create works based on a list of verbs taken from the IotO website’s history. Though a few artists chose to put in pieces were from their extant work, most took to the project […]

Weekend Preview: Crash and Bury

Late late late: Future Facing @ Old Gold Return of Old Gold at new location with Aline Cautis, Josh Mannis, and Andy Roche. Friday, November 13th from 7-10 @ Old Gold, 3102 W Palmer Blvd. Existence Value @ Happy Collaborationist Exhibition Space Paul Cowan and Scott Cowan (AKA the Cowan brothers). Saturday, November 14th, 7-11 PM […]

Seven Artists of the Week – post studio, no homo

This week’s picks from Ryan. Click images for links. Chicago art blogosphere!

Weekend Preview – I SAID NO CEILINGS

This weekend is pretty neat. :) Austin Eddy @ Golden Gallery Golden reopens after a short break with I feel better already, at least I think I do., new work from J. Austin Eddy, one of Chicago’s buzzing up and coming painters. Catch up with him at Fecal Face and catch the show’s opening Friday, November 6th […]

Seven Artists of the Week – Swingin' on the Flippity-Flop

This week’s picks from Ryan, with a double replaced with one from me. Click images for links to more.               Ditch the tom-tom club, lets get bloated.

Melissa Oresky @ Western Exhibitions

Last week I wrote a bit about Eric Lebofsky‘s Superfreaks at the smaller of Western Exhibitions two spaces, with the promise of returning to examine the main space and Melissa Oresky‘s A Wildness of Edges. This here is that. To start with, a few weeks before the opening of her two local shows (she also has […]