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Carrie Gundersdorf @ Julius Caesar

Abstract composition is hard in 2010. Off-the-head, sourceless abstraction relying on internalized visual patterns and analytics cuts too close to expressionism for some, while sourced, referential abstraction can bring up a language problem related to the source’s content. Chicago artist Carrie Gundersdorf goes for the latter option, sourcing her abstract paintings and drawings from technologically removed nature. The […]

Weekend Preview – what we need is an art fair

This week’s picks on what to see this weekend. There’s not that much going on, but for more listings check out here and here. I’m not going to plug it below, but consider checking out the really fun beach party going on Saturday night at The Hills. Uncrumpling This Much Crumpled Thing @ The Exhibition Agency Ok, […]

Seven Artists of the Week – a rise out of me

This week’s picks from Ryan and two from me. why do you build me up buttercup

Weekend Preview – marginally less terrible than what everyone else is making

This week’s what to see this weekend. More info here and here. INDESTRUCTIBLE YOUTH @ Kunz,Vis,Gonzalez. Sounding even bigger and less destructible than last year’s Big Youth, this hot young artist show at the Kunz,Vis,Gonzalez. garage space will include the work of Chicago or New York artists Brad Hoffman, Dan Jarvis, Elena Ballara, Peter Clodfelter, Scott […]

Seven Artists of the Week – on a last chance pile drive

This week’s picks from Ryan. (removed at artist’s request) teach it to fuck

New Icon @ LUMA

New Icon was the Contemporary Arts Council annual show for 2010, located this year in the very nice and spacious Loyola University Museum of Art. The show was curated by Britton Bertran (well known for directing Gallery 40,000 and for many other projects since its closing) and included seven artists: Zachary Buchner, Pamela Fraser, Carrie Gundersdorf, Dan Gunn, Diana […]

Erik Wenzel @ DOVA Temporary

Here’s a late run review written earlier this summer by Paul Germanos. Thanks, Paul! Break a beverage bottle’s tamper-evident seal and a plastic ring falls free from the cap. According to the chosen brand’s marketing scheme including the improving of the website with the use of a SEO company, this Gilbert SEO Expert that can […]

Weekend Preview – embrace it

Here are my picks for what to see this weekend. Its the end of summer and there isn’t much, but more listings can be found here and here. B.C. MacEachran @ ebersmoore It was only 14 months ago that ebersmoore (then ebersb9) opened its first show, an exhibition of B.C. MacEachran‘s paintings titled Shooting Stars. […]

Seven Artist of the Week – back to june

This week’s picks from Ryan. Arielle Falk you can ruin your eyes

Weekend Preview – there must be some mistake

This week’s weekend picks. There aren’t that many other listings, but for more check out this link and also this one. Carrie Gundersdorf @ MCA I can’t be the only one surprised that Carrie Gundersdorf hasn’t already taken part in the UBS 12×12 series at the Museum of Contemporary Art, but I guess she hasn’t since […]

Seven Artists of the Week – i want to be a miles but i think im just a ryan

This week’s picks from Ryan. thank god im not a peregrine