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Top Five Shows of the Year That I Went To (2010)

Here are this year’s top five shows that I went to during 2010, judged on which I remember enjoying best or which were significant to my year, followed by five more shows I really liked. Sorry for all the good shows I missed; I’ll try to catch more next year! 1) New Icon @ LUMA […]

Seven Artists of the Week – young old dead never existed

This week’s picks from me. Happy new year! emergency reblog

Happy Holidays! Here is a present.

About a year ago I started keeping an archive of all the images of artwork that I download. I spend a fair amount of time looking at art online, so this archive grew pretty rapidly. Some images have appeared up on this website, others were for my own reference, but it’s been nice to have […]

Seven Artists of the Week – my only life

This week’s holiday picks from me. Keep an eye out for a special Christmas gift from Chicago Art Review. wasted, falling down stairs

Weekend Preview – arc eye

This week’s picks for what to see this weekend. As always, make sure to check more listings here and here. Mike Andrews @ GOLDEN Fiber artist Mike Andrews splits his look this month between an exhibition of new tapestry work at Lakeview gallery GOLDEN’s main space and a massive sculpture at their nearby auxiliary space. […]

Seven Artists of the Week – red women, green men

This week’s picks from me: You call this a thesis?

Weekend Preview – way behind

Crunch time version of this week’s what to see this weekend! For more, check out this link and this one too. Infoporn @ Co-Prosperity Sphere It has been a minute since I’ve highlit something down at CPS, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been failing to report on a lot of good stuff, such as […]

Seven Artists of the Week – Fatigue

This week’s picks from me. Click images for more from each artist. frankly if you’re still making art with crucifixes,

Weekend Preview – black days

This week’s things to try and see this weekend. The standouts all happen to fall on this Saturday, but make sure to check out these two links for all kinds of more listings. Jessica Labbatte, UBS 12×12 @ MCA Jessica Labbatte‘s still life photographs are just excellent, and its no surprise to see the MCA’s […]

Seven Artists of the Week – a safe house

This week’s picks from me. breaking images out of embedded flash since 1986