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David Horvitz @ Believe Inn, and a Brief Word on Fried Okra

I spent Saturday afternoon back at the Hyde Park Art Center for their Fryvalry event, hosted by third annual fry daddies Philip von Zweck (local mover and shaker whose curated show at Western Exhibitions runs through to August 1st, 2009) and Kevin Jennings (local white, working class, straight male without a website). I came there late […]

The Edge of Intent @ Museum of Contemporary Photography

Located on Michigan Avenue, Columbia College’s Museum of Contemporary Photography is one of the lucky institutions to be part of that great easternmost edge of the downtown, that decorative sea-wall which can be seen from the parks and water as the outer cliff which begins a city. You can cross the street and turn around […]

Christian Rieben, oh and Lloyd Dobler Gallery RAIDED BY THE FEDS

While following Proximity Magazine’s blurb about Chicago police trying to close up Lloyd Dobler Gallery (reportedly for sight compaints, disturbing pieces, and providing alcohol to minor artworld celebrities), I decided Christian Rieben’s work was pretty great. If you’re in Wisconsin you can swing by Stumptown Gallery until July 14th to see the work yourself. Rumor […]

Post-Scarcity @ 65Grand

Well, I had really wanted to get the artists and curator from 65Grand‘s new show Post Scarcity to record a little introductory puff piece, but I just couldn’t get a hold of them. Instead, I got a few of my little sister’s friends to read from a script I wrote. Post-Scarcity opens tomorrow, June 19th, and will […]

Frank Kozik @ Rotofugi

If you’ve ever been to Rotofugi, you’ve seen Frank Kozik‘s toys. If you’re there right now, you’re seeing his paintings! The show, Hell Comes to Chicago, will be up at Rotofugi June 12th to June 30th, so check it out if you’re in the neighborhood. I’ll let Frank himself explain the rest:

Pop Sizzle Hum, Single Channels @ Tony Wight Gallery

There are two shows going on right now at Tony Wight. Pop Sizzle Hum, a fairly small show of eerily similarly sized paintings in the main space, and Single Channels, a three-part video installation with work from Timothy Hutchings, Allison Schulnik, and Jacco Oliver, tucked away in the rear project space. Pop Sizzle Hum was came off as […]

Juan Uslé – Pretty Pretty

Ooooo: Ahhhhh: Oh, wow! Ohhhhhh, ha ha yay! Check out more of Juan Uslé’s work at Cheim & Read.

Krista Hoefle @ EbersB9

Something brand new that we’ll be trying out here at Chicago Art Review: the cellphone interview. Here’s Krista Hoefle discussing her show, The girl who stopped being human, which runs June 12th, 2009 to July 11th, 2009 at Ebersb9.

Dutes Miller @ Western Exhibitions

In the rare case that your only exposure to Dutes Miller is through his sensitive and extremely human collaborations with Stan Shellabarger (who is also extremely human), prepare to have your understanding tilted, because this is something entirely different. Like an Atlantis Cruise missile spunked from the bleached bowels of Fire Island, Dutes Miller’s The Ecstasyist will blow your […]

Jay Boeldt, I'm a Sucker for Enamel

What can I say, its the shit. Check out some other work at Jay Boeldt’s website. I ran into Jay’s work at the smARTshow at the Flat Iron Arts Building. The show, which was huge and comprised mostly of sorta amateur art that wasn’t that stellar but for the fact that it was all local […]

B.C. MacEachran @ EbersB9

Located above the Swim Cafe in Wicker Park, EbersB9 is the brand new, proof-of-dedication apartment gallery of Sara Ebers, SAIC grad, gallery assistant at Melanee Cooper, and all around friendly face in the active up and comers in the Chicago art scene, and Dominic Paul Moore, assistant director at Packer Schopf and a similarly active and up […]