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Weekend Preview – freebies and kickbacks

Has it been a year already? It has, and the proof is going down all weekend at the Merchandise mart with Art Chicago and NEXT and that other antique fair thing and a host of other integrated events at other locations. Here are my picks for what to see: Art Chicago / NEXT @ Merchandise Mart Included […]

Seven Artists of the Week – sweat blood and tears

This week’s picks from Ryan and one from me: I”m sitting on my sofa, eating pizza, drinking coffee, listening to cds, and no, I haven’t gotten dressed yet.

Weekend Preview – virgin fest

The festival season kicks off with Versionfest 2010 tonight and this weekend, an eleven day continuum of art and music which will have many more events and sub-events than I can feature here. I’d check out the itinerary at their website (the calendar at the top of the page) for the details, and show up at the opening […]

Seven Artists of the Week – a big black cloud

This week’s picks from Ryan and one from me. a big big black black cloud

Studio Visit – Matt Nichols

Next Friday the School of the Art Institute of Chicago will open its 2010 MFA Graduate Exhibition. Well timed to coincide with the Artropolis crowds and featuring over one hundred and twenty students completing the school’s MFA program, the event promises to deliver upwards of nine million dollars in tuition worth of art. Of that great […]

Weekend Preview – but… is it net art?

This week’s picks from me. Check out more comprehensive listings here and here. Scott Cowan and Katy Keefe @ The Hills Esthetic Center Collaborators Scott Cowan and Katy Keefe have put together a stuff installation I’d recommend getting in front of before its gone. Side note: we were trying last week to name as many artist-siblings working, showing, or […]

Seven Artists of the Week – many baseball fans are intolerable people

This week’s picks from Ryan: I said hello!

Weekend Preview – 500 words on what a cool guy you are

This week’s picks. As always, check out some more here and here. Sarah Pickering @ Museum of Contemporary Photography I’m jumping on this one out of first contact interest, but London photographer Sarah Pickering‘s Incident Control does look really, really cool. 36 photographs with section titles of Explosions, Fire Scene, Incident, and Public Order, and you can find the […]

Seven Artists of the Week – cyberbole

This week’s picks from Ryan and a placeholder: dependent upon persons content with small profits

Weekend Preview –

This weekend’s picks for openings. There are a lot more than what I’m putting here, but here’s what not to try to miss: Mike Schuh @ GOLDEN The press info from GOLDEN for Mike Schuh’s Set reads like it might be a harder show to get a mind around than most, descriping videos and sculptures that tilt […]