Monthly Archives May 2009

Oscar De Las Flores, Tiny JPEGs

One of the few artists who has remained memorable to me three weeks after Art Chicago/NEXT, Oscar De Las Flores is a man who can fucking draw. His best works come off as relics, souveniers from a weekend spend time traveling to candyflip Parmigianino in Florence and blotgob Bruegel in Antwerp; a mad mad all-over […]

Zoe Crosher @ 65GRAND

I should admit straight out that my impression of Zoe Crosher’s Selections from the Analog Collection opening at 65GRAND last May 1st was undoubtedly effected by the fact that I could not feel my legs. I’d become disconnected somewhere between the winding, uneven stairclimb up to the gallery and the two full days of no-where-else-to-go […]

Artists Run Chicago @ Hyde Park Art Center

My passion for kimchi and an irradiated, blood-hound-like sense of smell led me down to the Hyde Park Art Center where Roots and Culture was running a demo for kimchi pancakes this Saturday. Looming over this small fragrant affair was Michael Rea’s A Prosthetic Suit For Stephen Hawking w/ Japanese Steel, the imposing wooden robotic […]

Notes on a NEXT fair.

Notes taken at Thursday night’s preview of Next: Merchandise mart. Feeling underdressed. My black pass doesn’t mean shit but a free coat check. Whiteface singers scaring me. The money is staying on the elevators, shooting for 12. China white with the tokyo crew.  Jello wrestling highly over hyped and over clothed. Artists springing from behind pillars. Got […]