Monthly Archives May 2009

Oscar De Las Flores, Tiny JPEGs

One of the few artists who has remained memorable to me three weeks after Art Chicago/NEXT, Oscar De Las Flores is a man who can fucking draw. His best works come off as relics, souveniers from a weekend spend time traveling to candyflip Parmigianino in Florence and blotgob Bruegel in Antwerp; a mad mad all-over […]

Zoe Crosher @ 65GRAND

I should admit straight out that my impression of Zoe Crosher’s Selections from the Analog Collection opening at 65GRAND last May 1st was undoubtedly effected by the fact that I could not feel my legs. I’d become disconnected somewhere between the winding, uneven stairclimb up to the gallery and the two full days of no-where-else-to-go […]

Artists Run Chicago @ Hyde Park Art Center

My passion for kimchi and an irradiated, blood-hound-like sense of smell led me down to the Hyde Park Art Center where Roots and Culture was running a demo for kimchi pancakes this Saturday. Looming over this small fragrant affair was Michael Rea’s A Prosthetic Suit For Stephen Hawking w/ Japanese Steel, the imposing wooden robotic […]

Notes on a NEXT fair.

Notes taken at Thursday night’s preview of Next: Merchandise mart. Feeling underdressed. My black pass doesn’t mean shit but a free coat check. Whiteface singers scaring me.¬†The money is staying on the elevators, shooting for 12. I love any clothing that is contemporary¬†or avant gard, go and look for the latest oufits in the fashion […]