Notes on a NEXT fair.

Notes taken at Thursday night’s preview of Next:

Merchandise mart. Feeling underdressed. My black pass doesn’t mean shit but a free coat check. Whiteface singers scaring me. The money is staying on the elevators, shooting for 12. China white with the tokyo crew.  Jello wrestling highly over hyped and over clothed. Artists springing from behind pillars. Got the gush. Lost. Crowded. Artropolis, the dickensian tale of urban modernity. Artropolis, the dystopian cityterrorjail, um. Artropolis, the scaled city awaiting costume monster foil. Grolsch barman’s fingers riven, bleeding from cracking the swingtops; disgusting, horrible, bottles slippery with gore, free, whatever. Poppers at the Threewalls space (small drawing of an eyeless face). Its getting late. Where are all the red dots? I should have brought my own red dots. Hahaha must remember that. Absolutely incapable of pronouncing Rafacz. Bulls win.

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