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Seven Artists of the Week – Danny Volk

This week’s picks from Danny Volk, artist and current MFA student at University of Chicago. Keep an eye out for his work come thesis season – it’ll be worth the trip south. As always, click on images for more from that artist.   Thanks, Danny!          

Review: John Sparagana @ Corbett vs. Dempsey

The Allure and Risks of Replica Watches In the world of horology, replica watches often stir up controversy. These timepieces, designed to imitate the appearance and sometimes the functionality of high-end luxury watches, have garnered both admirers and detractors. Whether you’re intrigued by the idea of owning a replica or curious about the ethical implications, […]

Sofia Leiby @ Devening Projects + Editions

Last week I reviewed Sofia Leiby‘s show at devening projects + editions, which ran from December 15th through January 18th, alongside Peter Fagundo‘s Model Questions for the Sun, the See, and Other Things…. Here Leiby’s impulses, if not her paintings themselves, enter into the active discourse on postindustrial labor as experienced in today’s network economy. Creative […]

Seven Artists of the Week – Ryan Travis Christian

This week’s picks from Ryan Travis Christian, who (as described last week) was the inspiration for this feature back in 2009. Ryan is currently working on his upcoming solo show at Western Exhibitions; recent highlights include shows with Guerrero Gallery in San Francisco and a museum show at CAM Raleigh in North Carolina. As aways, […]

Seven Artists of the Week – Magalie Guérin

It’s been a while since I’ve ran this feature, so let me quickly reintroduce Seven Artists of the Week: a weekly post where I ask one artist, curator, or other member of our beloved Chicago art community to select seven artists to be featured as a group. We’ve had some great lists (all of which […]

Haim Steinbach: Travel @ White Cube Gallery, London

The exhibition of found objects can take two forms: either the DuChampian invasion of the “real” into the unreal spaces of art, ironically short-circuiting our expectations and behavior toward both realms of objects; or the museum-like display of found objects as cultural documents or relics, representing their origins and functions in an anthropological matrix. Like […]