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Seven Artists of the Week – I'm trying to try here.

This week’s picks from Ryan. Check out the show he’s curated at Western Exhibitions, opening this Saturday! [youtube=] Reed Anderson [youtube=] Bruce Bickford Happy New Years pretty soon.

Seven Artists of the Week – brittany murphy died

This week’s picks from Ryan. Check him out in the latest Beautiful/Decay. GOUACHE. ON. PAPER.

Weekend Preview – where is tiger woods

In addition to all the great events below, this weekend I get to attend a special dinner at the residence of Alberto Aguilar as part of his dinner series celebrating his 36th year. Not bad! Trendbeheer @ Co-Prosperity Sphere To coincide with the content and release of the newest issue of Proximity Magazine (which should […]

Seven Artists of the Week – Gibby Haynes makes art??

This weeks picks, six from Ryan and one from me. There’s really only one ocean.

Daniel Sullivan @ Monument 2

There is a certain elegance to Monument 2 special among DIY spaces, its high ceilings, stark white walls and glowing, well-maintained hardwood floors lending an edge and hone to the gallery. Fitting entirely with this style, both in its minimalist sheen and provisional underpinnings, comes SAIC undergrad Daniel Sullivan‘s SOFT THROAT, a solo exhibition most remarkable for […]

Weekend Preview – i'm too cold for this shit

This weekends picks, front heavy and lurching goodwise. Juan Angel Chavez @ Linda Warren Linda Warren will be showing new work by Chicago found-art sculptor Juan Angel Chavez in Dragging the Leash. Also on display: Diatoms, Doilies and Diseases, works by Shannon Kerrigan. I’d expect both shows to play off eachother pretty well, with Kerrigan’s […]

Seven Artists of the Week – snow money, snow problems

This week’s picks from Ryan. Solidify the core.

Co-Paintings, Cute Puppies @ Spoke

As someone easily distracted, I have mixed feelings on music at galleries. As much as I enjoy looking at paintings, when there is music at a gallery I’ll spend more time staring at the performers or tracking the locations of speakers than I spend focusing my attention on the art. Some spaces are able to double […]

MiniReview: Brennan McGaffey, Fire & Judgment

Last Wednesday I drove in the middle of a rainy night to a place I’d never been before, parked in a gravel lot, and descended a staircase into a basement to see Brennan McGaffey‘s Fire and Judgment purging event. A model of the KC-135 Stratotanker occupied most of the basement, sitting on sawhorses, connected at […]

Weekend Preview – this weekend

There are a few openings this weekend at which I encourage attendance. Freshly updated with Sunday’s events. Margo Hoff @ Corbett vs. Dempsey Noble square gallery Corbett vs. Dempsey will be showing a retrospective of sorts of renowned artist Margo Hoff‘s work, titled Restless City. The content spans many decades and many mediums and includes […]

Seven Artists of the Week – Miami Miami Miami Miami

This week’s picks, courtesy of Ryan. Good luck to all Chicago artists showing at Art Basel Miami Beach this week, make it rain. Cant surf in Miami.

Interview: Shawnee Barton

I recently interviewed artist Shawnee Barton for a short profile piece @ Newcity. Here’s the whole interview here. Lets talk about your new show Artist: Unemployed at LivingRoom gallery, which addresses your experience as an artist during the current recession. How has the function of your practice changed since day jobs started disappearing? On a practical […]