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Studio Visit: Jacob Goudreault

I know for a fact that there are brilliant studios with white walls and painted ceilings, glowing with LED panels and humming with tastefully sourceless, low-volume public radio; but for young artists plodding through unfunded gap between undergrad and graduate school, sometimes the studio is wherever you can find it. This week Chicago painter and photographer Jacob […]

Weekend Preview – make it new

Check out these picks for my picks or more listings for more listings. Fever Dream @ Roots & Culture Expect a lot of physical, almost sculptural use of paint at Fever Dream at Roots & Culture, and some of the weird and shitty materials painters love so much these days. Paintings and the rest from […]

Susan Giles @ Kavi Gupta

I slipped into Kavi Gupta last week to check out Susan Giles‘ new show, Buildings and Gestures. I’d seen some of the promotional shots and remembered her sculptures from last year’s NEXT fair and had been expecting some average sized memory based sculptures, the kind of architectural combinations that show off the novelty of form removed from […]

Weekend Preview – its back and its pissed

For some reason this weekend is pretty stacked with lots of student shows, so good luck to those involved. As usual, the links below are just my picks, but you can click here are more listings and here for pretty much all of them. An Evening With Your (Con)Temporaries @ The (Con)Temporary Art Space Check out the inaugural reception for the new (Con)Temporary […]

Seven Artists of the Week – watch this

This week’s picks from Ryan: you must have blinked

Elms Choice: The Red Krayola with Art & Language, Five American Portraits

Question: When is an artist’s book not an artist’s book? Answer: When it isn’t a book and is not really by an artist. I submit, for your consideration, the most recent record by The Red Krayola with Art & Language, Five American Portraits. Art & Language have been complicating the structures and forms by which we […]

Weekend Preview – keep on creepin on

This weekend is pretty stacked, but I’ll try to keep my picks spare and simple. For more full listings, click over to here or here or pretty much anywhere these days. Be nice to the CAA crowd! Troy Richards @ Thomas Robertello I thought Troy Richards’ video game was pretty cool when I learned about it […]

Seven Artists of the Week – we got our own problems

This week’s picks from Ryan. Check out his opening opening at ebersmoore this Friday, and see even more of Ryan’s work this Saturday at POST Gallery (along with myself and others). More info tomorrow on both, but a busy weekend for hype! still life with photographs

Weekend Preview: better infinitely late than never

This weeks picks, all happening on Saturday. : Aspen Mays @ Museum of Contemporary Art Aspen Mays gets her UBS 12×12 at the MCA this month and will be showing two bodies of prettied cataloging artwork: in the first, she documents every leaf on a tree outside her studio; in the second, every book on […]

Seven Artists of the Week – you always were the arty one

This week’s picks from Ryan, who is auctioning one of his pieces this week. Don’t miss it! Now what?