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Seven Artists of the Week – don’t take this too

This week’s picks from Ryan Travis Christian: seriously

Donald Young, of Donald Young Gallery, Dies at 69

Very sad news for Chicago. Donald Young, a Chicago art dealer who represented many of contemporary art’s premier figures over his decades-long career, has died. He was 69 years old. His death was confirmed by his gallery. No details were available. In 1983, Young opened the Donald Young Gallery, which was one of the first […]

Seven Artists of the Week – dane dogs go vuf

This weeks picks from artist and truth-bomber Michael Rea. Check out his exhibition with Geoffrey Todd Smith and others, Sharks, Dicks, and Drugs, this Saturday at Gold Star Bar. dane cats go mjouvv

Seven Artists of the Week – magical storytelling

This week’s picks by Ryan Travis Christian. Yo Ryan this is fun, I don’t know why we ever stopped. the ocean’s mouth opened