Weekend Preview – I SAID NO CEILINGS

This weekend is pretty neat. :)

Austin Eddy @ Golden Gallery

Golden reopens after a short break with I feel better already, at least I think I do., new work from J. Austin Eddy, one of Chicago’s buzzing up and coming painters. Catch up with him at Fecal Face and catch the show’s opening Friday, November 6th from 6-9:00 PM @ Golden Gallery, 816 W. Newport.

J. Austin Eddy, running through the jungle really fast, or kind of fast at least.

J. Austin Eddy, running through the jungle really fast, or kind of fast at least.

Ghosting @ Roots and Culture

Roots and Culture are keeping the fall season spooky with Ghosting, featuring the work of Rob Doran and returning artist Ryan Fenchel. Code and symbols abound in both artist’s work – thee original image below was 666 pixels tall! Ghosting opens this Friday, November 6th at 6:00 PM @ Roots and Culture, 1034 N. Milwaukee Ave.

Rob Doran, Dig Your Self

Rob Doran, Dig Your Self


This brand new gallery is coming out swinging with a group show called DEATHPARTY, with new work from Ryan Doherty, Samuel Nigrosh, Virgil Wong, Zachary Dillon, and Mikie Poland. Come help with the Schlitz christening this Saturday, November 7th from 6-10:00 PM @ MONUMENT2, 2007 N. Point.

Mikie Poland, sick days / cool Dad

Mikie Poland, sick days / cool Dad

All the cool kids are going to SOFA on acid at 3:00 PM this Sunday, dose up and meet us at the Chicago wheel. :) :)

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  1. Michael Thibault wrote:

    Hey, thanks for your support, we had a really wonderful opening night, and it was great to see such strong support from everyone who came out.

    The link to Virgil Wong’s website is a different Virgil Wong, our Virgil (and in my opinion, a much more exciting and interesting artist) doesn’t have a website up yet. Also, that link to Ryan Dohrety’s page isn’t quite right either, and I’m not too sure where the image of Mikie Poland came from, although the dude with the bass in that pic is the drummer from the amazing band Jeff the Brotherhood, who are one of the most intense live bands out right now.

    Sorry, I’m not trying to sound upset or anything, I guess I’ll include any web links in our next press release.

    Thanks again for getting the word out!

    Posted 09 Nov 2009 at 11:28 PM
  2. Steve Kush Ruiz wrote:

    Hah, well, I’ll remove the links and fix them when I get the right ones. I do my best to track down links, but I can’t always verify who’s who when I don’t have photos of the work. I always tell people to at least put up a blog with contact info and photos of work if they’re showing anywhere. Anyway, I look forward to seeing the show some time. :)

    Posted 09 Nov 2009 at 11:41 PM

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