Weekend Preview – go see New Icon before it closes

Hey, this is the weekly post where I usually put up my picks for the weekend, but since the city is taking it easy on art openings for the next few days (though there still are a few), I thought I’ll dedicate this post to suggesting that you check out New Icon @ Loyola University Museum of Art if you haven’t seen it yet. The show has some of what I think is the best art up in the city right now (and which I’ll be writing more about soon) but it’ll all close up and come down after this weekend so go see it while you can. You’ll be happy you did!

That said, there’s also Sara Schnadt‘s Network, Domestic Intervention @ What It Is, which might be the most actively disruptive installation I’ve ever heard of for a multi-functional domestic gallery space. It’ll also be great excuse to cut out to Oak Park and see what Holly and Tom have been up to. The show opens Saturday, July 31st from 3-8PM @ What It Is, 1155 S Lyman Ave, Oak Park.

Sara Schnadt, Network

Sara Schnadt, Network

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