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Andy Moore @ Gallery 400

Last Saturday University of Illinois at Chicago’s Gallery 400 closed its late spring show, which had featured Eun Hyung Kim‘s wall paintings and drawn sculptures in the main space, a video by Erin Cosgrove, and, nestled between the two, paintings and a monumental artist’s book by Andy Moore titled John’s Luv. I’m not throwing that work […]

Elms Choice: Stephanie Brooks’ Love is a Certain Kind of Flower

A studio visit means an excuse to prepare by brushing up on the artist prior to the visit. This means research, you know what that is, how a brainiac pronounces procrastination. In anticipation of a visit this Monday with Stephanie Brooks, I can here and now recommend, just in time for Valentine’s Day (What is […]

Elms Choice: The Red Krayola with Art & Language, Five American Portraits

Question: When is an artist’s book not an artist’s book? Answer: When it isn’t a book and is not really by an artist. I submit, for your consideration, the most recent record by The Red Krayola with Art & Language, Five American Portraits. Art & Language have been complicating the structures and forms by which we […]

Elms Choice: The Incredible Journey that is Consciousness / Mineral Fabrics

This is the second in a new feature of Artist Book suggestions from Anthony Elms. For more information, check the header on the first post of its kind. Today, Elms wants you to consider buying The Incredible Journey that is Consciousness, by Alex Fuller & Gabe Usadel, and Melissa Oresky’s Mineral Fabrics. This is the […]

Elms Choice: Exhibition Prosthetics, by Joseph Grigely

I like artists books but don’t really know anything about them, so it is with great pleasure that I present local maven and collector Anthony Elms’ first in a regular or irregular feature of artists books suggestions. He’ll be focusing on books that are generally affordable, still in print, and available to a Chicago buyer at a local bookstore […]