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Seven Artists of the Week – any day now

This week’s picks from designer, illustrator, and Quite Strong lady Jana Kinsman. great fountain spray

Seven Artists of the Week – the phones are working

This week’s picks from Brad Troemel, artist, internet guy, and free art advocate. As always, click links for more. tumbl you to planet crucon

Seven Artists of the Week – bad way of showing it

This week’s picks from artist Timothy Bergstrom. Images point to artist websites, click em good. diiiiivvvoooorrrcccceeeeee

Seven Artists of the Week – Toshka Lakes

This week’s Artists of the Week, my-bad late edition, from guests Holly Cahill and Zach Cahill. As always, click image for links to artists’ websites. twas beauty

Seven Artists of the Week – ohyeah

This week’s picks from SAotW veteran Ryan Travis Christian. the assets that attract us

Seven Artists of the Week – is that hail?

This week’s picks from Pedro Vélez, artist, writer, and pretty good tweeter too. As always, images link to more info. Somebody with a body!

Seven Artists of the Week – street festival

This week’s picks (well, online or physical collecting and archiving projects) from Marc Fischer of Public Collectors. Marc also is a member of Temporary Services. ephemeraaaa

Seven Artists of the Week – alphabetical fortune

This week’s picks from me. It’s a bad time to have work to do.

Seven Artists of the Week – meet me at the park

This week’s picks from guest Whitney Stoepel. Thanks! It’s? a win-win situation, drake gets his song, and Jai Paul is recognized for his work

Seven Artists of the Week – the damn cats

This week’s picks from Ryan Travis Christian. i shouldn’t be touching my eyeballs

Weekend Preview – stacked

This week’s late picks from me. For more listings, check here and here. And hey, if you’re heading to the threewalls benefit tonight, say hello and dig or bid on my painting! Rachel Niffenegger + Paul Nudd / Band of Bikers @ Western Exhibitions Friday, May 20th from 5-8PM @ Western Exhibitions, 119 N Peoria St […]

Seven Artists of the Week – oh my god, hey!

This week’s picks from Sara Ebers and Dominic Paul Moore, of Ebersmoore Gallery.   forty million daggers!

Weekend Preview – bring it over

This week’s picks on what to see this weekend. For more, see here and here. Charles Mahaffee @ LLoyd Dobler Gallery Friday, May 13th from 6-10PM @ Lloyd Dobler Gallery, 1545 W Division St, 2. Mark Grotjahn @ Shane Campbell Gallery Friday, May 13th from 6-8PM @ Shane Campbell Gallery, 673 N Milwaukee Ave. April Childers […]

Seven Artists of the Week – I want some of that apple

This week’s picks from me: rookie mistake!

Weekend Preview – youngest poorest person ever

This week’s picks for what to see this weekend. As always, check here and here for more listings. Matthew Metzger @ Museum of Contemporary Art Mr. Metzger‘s been quietly kicking ass these last few years via hyper realistic 2D still lives, most recently with an exhibition titled Three specific paintings at Tony Wight Gallery. On […]

Seven Artists of the Week – gallery walk

This week’s picks from artist and Monument2 director Michael Thibault. Black Acid Co. Gerhard Richter Urs Fischer James Ensor Damien Hirst” Kenneth Anger Richard Prince Something else!

Weekend Preview – still likable

Picks on what to see this weekend. I normally link here and here, but I want to give a special suggestion to check out’s excellent and expansive 2011 Art Fair Guide. Considering the iceberg of art going on this weekend, please accept the following as just the tip. Art Chicago / NEXT @ The Merchandise Mart […]

Seven Artists of the Week – eblast

This week’s picks from artist, curator, and writer Julia V. Hendrickson. Thanks! bump in the night

Chicago Art Review @ MDW Fair

This weekend is the Midway / MDW Fair, a popularly explosive art event organized by Ed Marszewski and threewalls, Roots and Culture and the Public Media Institute, happening this weekend, April 26-27th @ the The Geolofts, 3636 S. Iron Street, Chicago. Included in the list of participants are two projects of mine: the Chicago Art Review booth, featuring […]

Weekend Preview – not com

This week’s picks on what to see this weekend. For more, click here and or here. Group Show @ Tony Wight Artists Tamar Halpern, Jacob Kassay, Carter Mull, Valerie Snobeck, Josh Tonsfeldt and Molly Zuckerman-Hartung hide their marks. Material obfuscation and opening Friday, April 15th from 6-8PM @ Tony Wight Gallery, 845 W Washington Blvd. Joan Waltemath @ PEREGRINEPROGRAM Tight preparatory […]