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Ian Hetherington, Owen Piper, & Jacob Kerray @ CCA

While Glasgow’s The Modern Institute is still more of a gallery than an institution proper, and though the Glasgow School of Art is key for student life, I found the Center for Contemporary Art at the heart of the city’s support structure for professional artists. With three galleries, studios, a library, performance rooms, and discussion […]

Manfred Pernice @ The Modern Institute

The Modern Institute is a must-visit gallery in Glasgow, Scotland. With ties to artists as diverse as Chris Johanson, Urs Fischer, or  Cathy Wilkes, the Institute hosts quarterly exhibitions with enough hands-off curation to allow real focus on a single artist’s crafted imagination. When I visited the city in August, I was able to see […]

Minna H. Lappalainen: Notes on Architecture @ Tegnerborbundet

Who doesn’t love Modernist architecture? Earlier this month I wrote about Cyprien Gaillard’s meditations on this font of  relevancy, looking back on a time when it was believed that, in Dominic A. Pacyga’s words, “good planning, big government,  and modern architecture could solve the problems of [a] city”. Immediately historical, hubristic, and utopian, these structures […]

Meriç Algün Ringborg @ Nordenhake Gallery

Meriç Algün Ringborg‘s exhibition, A Work of Fiction at Stockholm’s gallery Nordenhake prompted a lot of negative associations, and I found myself in an unfortunately common critical bind: I’m not sure whether to attribute my response to this particular work or work like this. Given the sinking vehemence the exhibition prompted, I’m guessing it’s plenty of both. Algün Ringborg’s […]

Michael Johansson @ Galleri Andersoon/Sandström

Michael Johansson‘s exhibition at Andersson/Sandström was a memorable part of my Stockholm gallery hop. The gallery, a prominent blue-chip exhibitor of mostly Scandinavian artists, is located in the Normalm district on the city’s northwest side, in a pristine white-cube ground-floor space. Johansson’s installations are difficult to describe without wearing out vocabulary: they are arrangements of […]

Hurvin Anderson @ Thomas Dane Gallery

Hurvin Anderson’s latest exhibition, New Works, opened October 15th, 2013, at Thomas Dane Gallery in London’s West End. As the title would suggest, New Work is a thin exhibition of really nice paintings, if you’re into that kind of thing. Which I am. While Anderson’s conceptual thrust was weak – abstractly painted images of anonymous fern and banana trees, both […]

From Wings to Fins: Morris Louis & Cyprien Gaillard @ Sprüth Magers

Last week I reviewed the latest exhibition at London’s Sprüth Magers gallery, Morris Louis and Cyprien Gaillard‘s From Wings to Fins. Drawn to modernism’s ideals, contradictions, and historical failures, Gaillard has risen on his ability to seek out and create tensions between stability and precarity, utopia and ruin, beauty and entropy, memory and amnesia. In the past, […]

Long Ago and Not True Anyway @ Waterside Contemporary

Last week I reviewed Long Ago and Not True Anyway at London’s Waterside Contemporary. The group exhibition featured work from Slavs and Tatars, Meikitar Garabedian, Joana Hadithomas and Khalil Joreige, Rabih Mroué, and Libia Castro and Ólafus Ólafsson. In Long Ago and Not True Anyway at Waterside Contemporary, curator Pierre d’Alancaisez explores a kind of history that exists beyond the dry […]

Aquatopia @ Nottingham Contemporary

I recently stopped by Nottingham Contemporary to see their new exhibition Aquatopia. I thought it was among the best museum show’s I’ve ever seen, and wished I could have come back for another bite. It has been a big year for Nottingham Contemporary. After receiving a boost of notoriety by way of Mark Leckey’s The Universal Addressability of Dumb […]

Cheryl Pope: Just Yell @ Monique Meloche Gallery

A few days before I took off for the UK, I was able to swing by Monique Meloche Gallery for the opening of Cheryl Pope‘s Just Yell. The exhibition was conflicting – both perfectly topical and, at times, pointless – but touched on plenty of frustrations, civic and aesthetic. During the first weekend of the season, a […]

Seven Artists of the Week – gently

This week’s picks from me. Click links for artist’s websites. YO SUMMER

Seven Artists of the Week – color

This week’s picks from me. what flower?

Seven Artists of the Week – summer in pain

This week’s picks from me. Click images for links to more. maybe you actually aren’t

Seven Artists of the Week – the importance of being

This week’s picks from me. at the very deepest level, all our secrets are the same

Seven Artists of the Week – acreage

This week’s picks from me: you gotta give me something to dream with

Seven Artists of the Week – don’t take this too

This week’s picks from Ryan Travis Christian: seriously

Donald Young, of Donald Young Gallery, Dies at 69

Very sad news for Chicago. Donald Young, a Chicago art dealer who represented many of contemporary art’s premier figures over his decades-long career, has died. He was 69 years old. His death was confirmed by his gallery. No details were available. In 1983, Young opened the Donald Young Gallery, which was one of the first […]

Seven Artists of the Week – dane dogs go vuf

This weeks picks from artist and truth-bomber Michael Rea. Check out his exhibition with Geoffrey Todd Smith and others, Sharks, Dicks, and Drugs, this Saturday at Gold Star Bar. dane cats go mjouvv

Seven Artists of the Week – magical storytelling

This week’s picks by Ryan Travis Christian. Yo Ryan this is fun, I don’t know why we ever stopped. the ocean’s mouth opened

Seven Artists of the Week – hot white comeback

This week’s picks from me:   we sat around all of us men and women as friends talking freely for the first time in a long time