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Transparent Reflect @ The Co-Prosperity Sphere

The very busy culture masters at the The Co-Prosperity Sphere put together a new show for us this weekend which features nine artists’ contemporary takes on the tradition of portraiture. Specifically, it was about the overlap between self portrait and portrait, that grey ground that exists in the relationship between artist and subject, the choice […]

Sunday Night Discussion Post

I only saw two shows this weekend but I just know there were more out there. What did you see? What did you like? Use the Comment feature below and tell me all about it.

Chicago Art Preview : Decide that this matters.

A weekend preview post! Jason Ferguson @ ebersb9 Unlike chemtrail theories and fleshlight cleaning techniques, the Google search engine may not be the best place to find God. Or maybe it is! Ebersb9 will be hosting relics from Jason Ferguson‘s Google Searching for God, his infinity-long multi-media project detailing his search for the almighty on the […]

Seven Artists of the Week – Deadly

Here’s something new I’m going to try:  The following picks are from Ryan Travis Christian, who has been posting an artist of the day pretty much every day on Facebook, and who has given me the nod to combine them into weekly posts. Look back next Wednesday for the next set! Click on images for […]

Built @ Laumeier Sculpture Park

I was touring through St. Louis this weekend and stopped by Laumeier Sculpture Park to walk and sweat and see their collection, which includes a killer Tony Tasset and a friendly Vito Acconci and many others. I was also very happy to find their indoor space filled with a group exhibition from the Kranzberg Exhibition Series, […]

No News is Good News

Unfortunately I’m spending a lot of this month on vacations that I cannot afford and am therefore missing three weeks of art openings in a row and as a result I have nothing to write about because I haven’t seen anything new. I don’t feel too bad about this weekend, considering that many (of my […]

Weekend Preview (Romance)

Lots of cool stuff happening this weekend and I’ll miss all of it; so enjoy it twice over, I’ll be somewhere else. Chris Silva & Lauren Feece @ Believe Inn Believe Inn opens a new show this weekend titled Mating Call and featuring the kinda adorable collaborative work of husband and wife team Chris Silva (dope tunes) […]

Keil Borrman & David G.A. Stephenson @ The Suburban

Two little shows opened this Sunday at The Suburban, the backyard super-space of Michelle Grabner and Brad Killam. The first, Keil Borrman: I have not painted in a year. I have been listening to my stereo, is a small collection of works by Borrman and six others. The second, located in the original ten by […]

Signs of the Apocalypse / Rapture @ Hyde Park Art Center

Mystery replaces history this month at the Hyde Park Art Center, where the heavy and the high of contemporary art have been shaken south for one of the hottest shows of the summer. Following the curatorial undertaking that was Artists Run Chicago, the Hyde Park Art Center’s Signs of the Apocalypse/Rapture is a doomsday blend […]

Weekend Preview (i dont know what to dooo)

This weekend is pretty light for openings, but here’s what I’d see if I were you: SAMAD @ Nightingale Theater Shirin Mazaffari and Ehsan Ghoreishi have curated an exhibition of short underground Iranian videos which, due to political or otherwise controversial content, have never been screened publically in Iran. Very cool event that I will […]

Claire Rojas, Last Chance Weekend

One of the shows I enjoyed but never wrote about was Claire Rojas’ Believe Me @ Kavi Gupta. A folk fantasy on massive and micro scales, Believe Me is a blender trip through imagination and culture with narratives as endearing and bizzare as any real folk lore. As a kicker, their second space features the show […]

NAH POP NO STYLE @ Roots and Culture

I first dropped by Roots and Culture’s latest show on opening night, squeezed past the crowd outside and poked my head over shoulders of an unusually tall crowd to see the art, decided the tide had turned to afterparty early, and ran out. While too much crowd to see art with both eyes, not bad for […]

control c, control v @ ebersb9

If you’ve been following Fecal Face‘s features this year and panting at work coming out of California, you’ll be happy to know that  Ebersb9‘s latest show control c, control v has brought lots of familiar Fecal Face featured (fecal?) faces to Chicago. This fecal feel probably has something to do with Ryan Travis Christian, sole contributor […]

Artphone: 360 SEE and Carrie Secrist Gallery

Another week, another two audio previews! My internet phone won’t stop internet ringing! Fittingly, Works on and of Paper @ 360 SEE Jordan from 360 SEE called in to talk about their’s new show, Fittingly, Works on and of Paper, which will kick off this Friday, July 17th, 6 – 9 PM, and run through to […]

Selections from the Fabio-Mueller Collection @ Mini Dutch

Last Saturday saw the final show at Mini Dutch, Lucia Fabio‘s seasoned apartment gallery in Logan Square. Having ran the gallery for more than two years (a truly respectable amount of time for any alternative space), Lucia and her fiance Robert Mueller chose to close it out by exhibiting the art they’d personally collected along […]

Size Matters! @ Packer Schopf

The problem with titling a show Size Matters! is that it places a dozen professional artists under the flipsy membrane of a cock joke. It also forces every reviewer to pun off of the title. So, while many of the pieces in this show did live up to the name in terms of scale, the double […]

Karolina Gnatowski @ Spoke

While many are busy bemoaning the stable review shows that are up for this summer, one shouldn’t get the impression that interesting art in Chicago takes the same vacation as the universities do. This weekend, crush in the heart of the West Loop’s 119 N. Peoria building (home to many local faves), the Spoke gallery […]

Artphone: Mini Dutch / Around the Coyote

Not one but two audio pieces for this weekend’s shows! Selections from the Fabio-Mueller Collection @ Mini Dutch Lucia from Mini Dutch is having her last show ever tonight! Its always sad to see good apartment galleries go. I’ll let her tell the rest: Be sure to check out the send off Saturday, July 11th, 6 – 9 […]

Weekend Preview

While there are other, better places to get previews of weekend gallery openings and events, my recent exposure to Twitter feeds, press releases in my inbox, and clairvoyance (a power gained after being bitten by a radioactive clairvoyant) have all led logically to this: a weekend preview post. These are not top five lists or a listing of all […]

Summer Show @ Antena

There are three artists showing this summer at  Antenna, a gallery ran by Miguel Cortez of Polvo fame. The first and most immediatey recognizable in the space is Saul Aguirre, whose immaculately framed drawings occupy two large walls in grids; the second is Yarima Ariza, who has come out of the Floridian woodwork with new fiber works; […]