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Seven Artists of the Week – Deadlines.

Weekly picks from Ryan, featuring: James Siena, Faris McReynolds, Marissa Textor, Joseph Hart, Jim Gaylord, Cleon Peterson, Chris Johanson.

Weekend Preview: a Bataillean pleasure kingdom

New spaces, happenings! This week’s preview picks are rare! Stolen @ Garage Spaces A brand new and curious sounding space in Humboldt Park opens this Friday with Stolen, a group show curated by Mike Bancroft and featuring appropriation artwork from Bert Stabler, Maria Perkovic, Roberto Cardenas, Evan Plummer, Alex Inglizian, Bridget Bancroft, Gabriel Carrasquillo, Experimental Sound Studio artists and […]

Seven Artists of the Week – Blondes

This week’s picks from Ryan, click images for links. If you’re in California this week, check out his work in the exhibition INFINITY, curated by Andrew Schoultz and opening this Saturday, October 10th @ Scion Space L.A. Work nights!

Weekend Preview – Rainy Seasons

Its an institutional weekend! Heartland @ Smart Museum This weekend’s biggest show is at University of Chicago’s Smart Museum this week. Featuring work from a variety of artists, including and hopefully highlighted with a new huge wall piece by Deb Sokolow, Heartland brings out artists from and work speaking to the middle of America, which […]

Seven Artists of the Week – Lost Time

This week’s picks from Ryan, delivered fresh. Click images for bigger. Cooling off.

Caleb Weintraub @ Peter Miller Gallery

Remember this psychotic painting at the Hyde Park Art Center‘s Signs of the Apocalypse/Rapture show by Caleb Weintraub? It was the one with the kids with axes and the owl costumes and crushed space and the one which, when I wrote about that show, I complimented as the show’s “only piece to actually disturb me.” […]

Robyn O'Neil @ Tony Wight

First some back story on Robyn O’Neil: Robyn is a Houston all-star who, while not doing the media rounds, cranks out me-sized graphite drawings which may pass as illustrative, narrative, and serial, with one leading to the next in a giant comic book panel approach to story-telling. As the tale goes, a little drawing of a track-suited […]

Paul Nudd @ Western Exhibitions

Its quite possible that Scott Speh, owner and director of Western Exhibitions in the West Loop, is curating his 2009 exhibitions in order to destroy you. When examining the last few shows at the gallery, we find some aggressive works: first an eyeball assault show from Geoffrey Todd Smith show, followed by a Dutes Miller […]

Weekend Preview: 9/Party

Some cool openings this weekend, and here are the one’s I’m trying to see. Check out the bigger lists here or here or anywhere, really. Group Painting Show @ Ebersb9 Five shows in and already Ebersb9 is getting out of the apartment space and upgrading to something newer, bigger, but hopefully just as cozy. Come see […]

Substance (for Julian) / Carl Suddath @ The Suburban

This last Sunday I made it back to Oak Park for the latest opening at The Suburban, which I experienced for all of twenty minutes before the sky opened and I had to run splashing for cover. While I didn’t have long to spend with the work, both Carl Suddath‘s installation in the small space […]

Seven Artists of The Week – blow down

This weeks picks from Ryan. Best batch yet. Click images for links to more. Somethings in the oven.

Weekend Preview: no wrong do it again

What to see this weekend? Everything you missed and everything that was too crowded last weekend to really appreciate. There are so many new shows up in the city that this weekend’s line of openings almost seem cruel by adding more to the backlog. Whats worse is that this weekend’s shows are plenty strong too. […]

Seven Artists of the Week – ok!

Here are Ryan‘s picks for this week. Click images for more: Don’t turn off the lights!

Seven Artists of the Week – Seven Thousand Artists of the Week

Oh Hi I thought you might like some artists of the week. Thanks Ryan. Click images for links.

Weekend Preview: Its all happening at once.

This weekend is the big fuck all weekend when every gallery in the city opens its doors with new shows and a new season. Art districts will surge with freshly minted art students and seasoned art connoisseurs alike and Grolsch will be consumed by the kiloliter and no one will actually see much art but that’s […]

No More Perfect Moments @ Scott Projects

The latest show at Scott Projects represents Baltimore’s second featured incursion into Chicago, but while NAH POP NO STYLE brought the painters, Brad Troemel‘s brought the photographers. And punk archivists. Okay, maybe just one photographer and one punk archiver, but they’re definitely from Baltimore and their work is definitely in Chicago and their names are […]

Seven Artists of the Week – at Your Door

This week’s picks from Ryan. Don’t worry! Click images for more! Wednesdays are haunted!

Gimme Baby Robots @ The Empty Bottle (tonight!)

In case you haven’t heard, there’s a sweet auction tonight at The Empty Bottle. If you’re looking for top shelf art on a dime, Gimme Baby Robots is your kind of event: auctions start at just a few bucks – and with works from over a hundred artists including Jason Dunmars and Mike Rea on […]

Seven Artists of the Week – for Seven Sisters

Another set of artists to check out courtesy of Ryan Travis Christian. Delicious. As always, click images for more, and don’t forget to check the ebersb9 review I just put up and immediately bumped down with this. Blackest part of night.

Google Searching for God @ ebersb9

Despite what everything from the title to the content and presentation of the work might suggest, I’m pretty sure that Jason Ferguson isn’t really concerned with God, or finding God, as much as he is in searching for him. With only three pieces installed, two of which are photographic prints and the third a sculptural relic […]