Hi, my name is Steve Ruiz and I am the editor of Chicago Art Review as well as the author of most of its content. This project was active between 2009 and 2011, however it is currently on hold while I learn more about art at the University of Chicago.

If you’d like to follow my education there, I’ll be posting images, ideas, and the occasional essay at http://artharder.tumblr.com/.

I also edit The Visualist, the Chicago Visual Arts Calendar, which continues the work of On The Make. You can see that at http://thevisualist.org/.

There’s a good chance I’ll be keeping the Seven Artists of the Week project going, but will likely use http://sevenartistsoftheweek.tumblr.com/ for that work.

And you can always keep up to date on my images archive at http://images.chicagoartreview.com/ and my archive of Chicago arts journalist at http://archive.chicagoartreview.com/ .


See you soon,

Steve Ruiz
steveruiz @ uchicago dot edu