Sofia Leiby @ Devening Projects + Editions

Last week I reviewed Sofia Leiby‘s show at devening projects + editions, which ran from December 15th through January 18th, alongside Peter Fagundo‘s Model Questions for the Sun, the See, and Other Things....

Here Leiby’s impulses, if not her paintings themselves, enter into the active discourse on postindustrial labor as experienced in today’s network economy. Creative professionals are particularly tasked with the deeply alienating and bizarre responsibility for oneself as a brand, a personality, or otherwise marketable chunk of human capital. As more of our social and entertainment activity is mobilized for either our own or others’ interests (for example, when networking invades personal relationships, or when our hobbies or diversions are capitalized to generate valuable online content), one can find it a complex challenge just to trace the blurring line between productive labor and unproductive leisure. With so much else in an artist’s life productively structured, purposefully performed, and in general feeling like work, what could be more radical than insisting that the center of an artist’s practice—the work itself—is something else entirely?

You can read the whole review at Daily Serving.

Sofia Leiby @ devening projects + editions

Sofia Leiby @ devening projects + editions

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