Michael Johansson @ Galleri Andersoon/Sandström

Michael Johansson‘s exhibition at Andersson/Sandström was a memorable part of my Stockholm gallery hop. The gallery, a prominent blue-chip exhibitor of mostly Scandinavian artists, is located in the Normalm district on the city’s northwest side, in a pristine white-cube ground-floor space.

Johansson’s installations are difficult to describe without wearing out vocabulary: they are arrangements of objects fitting together perfectly, creating ostensibly ideal sculptural forms out of disparate found objects, connected by their emergent geometries. A thrift store Jessica Stockholder gone minimalist. Along with several sculptures of life-sized objects in the style of injection molding sprues, Johansson’s work proposed a kit-bash relation to the world of things, sourced for their formal properties, their color and shape and texture, and devoid of meaning, but open to infinite fidelities and creative arrangements.

Michael Johansson

Michael Johansson

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