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Weekend Preview – kindly and with regard

This week’s picks on what to see this weekend. There are a lot of shows I’m having to leave off, so be sure to click here and here for more listings. Peter Saul & Brian Calvin @ Corbett vs. Dempsey Noble Square gallery Corbett vs. Dempsey opens a new show this weekend featuring old, new, […]

Seven Artists of the Week – emotional volumes

This week’s picks from me. Click on images to see more from each artist. crack claws

Janeen’s Art Memoirs

I get a lot of e-mail from artists and galleries asking me to visit their shows or write about their work. There are many reasons why I can’t normally respond to unsolicited requests for press, but this video I received today was just too good not to share. You can see more of Janeen‘s work […]

Weekend Preview – what we dismiss as boring can damage us

This week’s picks on what to see this weekend. For more listings, check here and here. Dan Gunn & Michelle Grabner @ moniquemeloche This week moniquemeloche gallery is kicking off its four-part Winter Experiment interview series this weekend with a conversation between artist Dan Gunn and artist etc Michelle Grabner. I’m a big fan of both artists, so […]

Seven Artists of the Week – double edged SEO

This week’s picks from me. Click images for links! a hand in your hand

Artist’s Websites – now you have no excuse

Having a web presence is essential for every artist, regardless of medium, age, location, or even representation on a gallery website. Controlling the availability of images and information on your work and your career is a uniquely modern ability for artists, and it should be taken advantage of – but how? For some, web presence […]

Weekend Preview – thats a little before my time

Apparently everything’s happening this weekend. The following list is in no way a complete view, just some of the shows I’m planning to catch; for everything else, check out here and here. Nicholas Knight @ 65Grand Photographer Nicholas Knight is show as art some photos taken of photos being taken of art, throwing in enough appreciated recursion to […]

Seven Artists of the Week – one of few

This week’s picks from me. Click images to see artists’ websites. but this was before facebook got real

Thought on the 50 Aldermen Project / The Daley Show

Last year, Wicker Park gallery Johalla Projects organized a show titled 50 Aldermen, 50 Artists. The show was as direct as its title suggested: fifty artists each selected or were assigned one of Chicago’s city aldermen to use as the subject of a portrait. Artists were determined by an open call – entry fee, first […]

Weekend Preview – a new life awaits you

This week’s picks on what to see this weekend. As always, check here and here for more. Michael Krueger, Deborah Baker, & Dominic Paul Moore @ Packer Schopf West Loop gallery Packer Schopf (rhymes with shuvopfh) hosts three solos this Friday night: colored pencilist Michael Krueger; embroideress Deborah Baker; and abstract painter Dominic Paul Moore, also […]

Seven Artists of the Week – under the bed

This week’s picks from me. Click images for links to each artist’s website. I had that same dream

Deb Sokolow @ Western Exhibitions

Drawing and painting often get lumped together as sister media, as if both were equal means of manual image creation, one only wetter than the other. I think of the two as more different than that. Where painting came into its own as method of image production, drawing has a less aesthetic history as a […]