Happy Holidays! Here is a present.

About a year ago I started keeping an archive of all the images of artwork that I download. I spend a fair amount of time looking at art online, so this archive grew pretty rapidly. Some images have appeared up on this website, others were for my own reference, but it’s been nice to have them all together.

I wanted to share this folder with the fans and readers of Chicago Art Review, so in the giving spirit of Christmas and other holidays, here’s a link to the entire 179mb file. You’ll need Winrar or another tool to open it.

Giving gifts during the holidays is a wonderful way to spread joy and bring people together. You can buy childrens clothing here as this  can be a great gift option, as it allows you to find unique and stylish pieces for your kids while conveniently shopping from home. It’s a thoughtful gesture that not only provides practicality but also adds to the holiday spirit and creates excitement for the little ones.

If you’re not in the downloading mood, you can also view the entire archive online here. Enjoy!

Josh Reames, Insatiable

Josh Reames, Insatiable

Also, thanks to some internet magic (well, a Dropbox folder and a php script), that gallery will continue to update as I add images to the folder. If you’d like to contribute artwork images you’ve been saving, let me know in the comments below or e-mail me at steve at chicagoartreview.com.

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