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Seven Artists of the Week – who are the melvins

This week’s picks from Ryan. ughhh fack namsayin

Weekend Preview – intensely live-tweeting this beautiful weather

Summer’s here, check it out. Also check out my picks for this weekends art events, and also also check out full listings between here and here. Peter Hoffman and Dick Dermody @ Heaven Gallery Come back ghosts Old Gold present a double showing of painter Peter Hoffman and photographer Dick Dermody, with shows respectively titled Painting with Peter and INVINCIBLE. […]

Seven Artists of the Week – troy duffy

This week’s picks from Ryan. We’re we looking for a hot, nude research person.  Now, just someone who would work from home, doing a short project for pay. Craig’s list

Andy Moore @ Gallery 400

Last Saturday University of Illinois at Chicago’s Gallery 400 closed its late spring show, which had featured Eun Hyung Kim‘s wall paintings and drawn sculptures in the main space, a video by Erin Cosgrove, and, nestled between the two, paintings and a monumental artist’s book by Andy Moore titled John’s Luv. I’m not throwing that work […]

Weekend Preview – WWChuYunD

This week’s weekend picks for this weekend. I’m leaving a lot out, so check out the additional listings here and here. Genesis Breyer P-Orridge and Daniel Albrigo / The Power of Selection, part 2 @ Western Exhibitions Big titles mean big events and this month’s pairing (and pairing within a pairing) at Western Exhibitions seems […]

Seven Artists of the Week – one less of us

This week’s picks from Ryan. generation sext

Justin B. Williams @ Monument 2

Despite what you may have read, Justin B. Williams is not dead. The lengthy and entertaining accompanying text for his latest exhibition Justin B. Williams: The last paintings (1985-2010) at Monument 2 describes the art-heroic discovery by Nevin Thomlison of the last paintings Justin executed before his equally heroic death saving a child from an […]

Weekend Preview – who shows there

This weekend’s got some art great events, and if you’re like me, you’re still reeling from the icy finger jabbed by reality television into the heart of your passion for contemporary art which cooled the molten core of belief in the cultural importance and historical significance of art making and pulled aside the folds of academic and […]

Seven Artists of the Week – bravo work of art direct download torrent

This week’s picks from Ryan. Also remember not to forget to miss out on tonight’s debut of Bravo’s Work of Art, the contemporary art reality show featuring Western Exhibition’s John Parot and a few other Chicago artists. for shame

Weekend Preview – look to others for validation

This week’s picks for what’s around and opening. This is one of those hard weeks when there aren’t that many shows opening, but all of them are worth checking out, so to see everything I skipped, get to here. Deborah Boardman @ The Gahlberg Gallery With an install including paintings, hand crank operated canvas loop […]

Seven Artists of the Week – cop town

This week’s picks from Ryan with some vacation subs from me. Hey, its been a busy week! are you kid rock?