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Seven Artists of the Week – thrill dive

This week’s picks from Ryan: there are about a hundred of us. we’ve contacted eachother on the internet.

Weekend Preview – crazy new work

This weekend is going to be stacked. Here are my picks, and you can find more here and here. David Leggett @ 65GRAND Crazy new work from David Leggett. Opens Friday, March 26th from 7-10 PM @ 65GRAND, 1378 W Grand Ave, #3. Ali Bailey @ Andrew Rafacz Prepare yourself for some great exploration of the surface […]

Seven Artists of the Week – I like hierarchies, I really do.

This week’s picks from Ryan. talking points

Weekend Preview – nice speech shitler

Writing these helps me remember names. Check out more listings here or here. WTF 1.0 @ Kunz,Vis,Gonzalez “New and young” cult culture (see 4chan memes, probably) including work by Art Johnson, Sunita Prasad, Jon Read, Alee Peoples, María de la Concha, Tayef Ben Messalem and María del Carmen Montoya. Opens this Friday, March 19th from 6-10 PM @ Kunz,Vis,Gonzalez, 2324 […]

Seven Artists of the Week – twins! two little ma’fuckers!

This week’s picks from Ryan and one from me. Don’t blame me, I voted for the lava demons.

Elms Choice: Stephanie Brooks’ Love is a Certain Kind of Flower

A studio visit means an excuse to prepare by brushing up on the artist prior to the visit. This means research, you know what that is, how a brainiac pronounces procrastination. In anticipation of a visit this Monday with Stephanie Brooks, I can here and now recommend, just in time for Valentine’s Day (What is […]

Studio Visit – Easton Miller

Last Wednesday I buzzed in and up to Easton Miller‘s Ukrainian Village apartment to check out some of his newest work. I’d first seen his paintings in the Fever Dream show up at Roots & Culture, and was pointed his way for a studio visit by Jacob Goudreault, fellow Fever Dream participant and the last artist who’s studio I’d […]

Weekend Preview – thanks

Here are my picks for weekend art-going. More listings here and here. This Is Not For Sale @ Parking Space Friday, March 12th from 6-10 PM @ Parking Space, 2246 W 19th St, 3R. Synthetic/Sublime @ POST Friday, March 12th from 7-11 PM @ POST, 1816 S Racine Ave. Landscape / Portrait / Still Life @ HungryMan Gallery Saturday, March 13th, from […]

Seven Artists of the Week – Quick Decline

This week’s picks from Ryan: And hey, lets be careful out there.

Weekend Preview – lots of heart ache for a Thursday

This week’s picks. More listings here. Let There Be Geo @ A D Gallery Geometric work is fun as hell to look at, and Let There Be Geo (curiously curated by the organically inclined Elizabeth Burke-Dain) promises sixteen variations on the form from artists Jesse Brown, Nick Butcher, Jeff Canham, Jacob Hashimoto, Maya Hayuk, Cody […]

Seven Artists of the Week – It’s poison! You’re stupid if you eat that.

This week’s picks from Ryan. Don’t open it!