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Daniel Lavitt @ Peregrine Program

Peregrine Program is a small, brand new gallery in the Riverfront Work Lofts building in Pilsen, ran by SAIC’s Edmund Chia. After spending a few minutes trying to find out how to get into the place (turns out it was the red door), then a few more finding the elevator, I arrived at the smallish […]

Weekend Preview – never run

Here’s what I’m thinking of seeing this weekend. More shows and more infos available here. Art Auction Fundraiser @ Johalla Projects Dozens of artists have donated work for an auction this Friday to prop up Wicker Park apartment gallery Johalla Projects. A quick selection of participants: Nathan Baker,Bridgette Buckley, Elijah Burgher, Philip Dembinski, Anni Holm, Aron Gent, Jon Gitelson, Chad Kouri, Daniel Shea, Montgomery Perry […]

Seven Artists of the Week – He aiiin’t workin’ today

This week’s picks from Ryan: eyes like cherries in a vat of buttermilk

Elijah Burgher @ Shane Campbell

There have been a lot of shows lately with occult, mysterious, or power image content, but Elijah Burgher does more with the material than most. In his work on display at Shane Campbell‘s Oak Park space, Burgher knits together queer culture and witchcraft/sorcery/the occult with soft, muted drawings of nude men preparing spaces for and […]

Elms Choice: The Incredible Journey that is Consciousness / Mineral Fabrics

This is the second in a new feature of Artist Book suggestions from Anthony Elms. For more information, check the header on the first post of its kind. Today, Elms wants you to consider buying The Incredible Journey that is Consciousness, by Alex Fuller & Gabe Usadel, and Melissa Oresky’s Mineral Fabrics. This is the […]

Mike Kloss @ The Hills Esthetic Center

The folks at the Western Corridor shared live/work studio/venue/loft known asThe Hills Esthetic Center have recently added a fresh white cube and brick gallery to their space, and this last Friday kicked off their exhibition foray with a show of work from Mike Kloss called The Hills Have Thighs. While Kloss’ work spans plenty of […]

Elms Choice: Exhibition Prosthetics, by Joseph Grigely

I like artists books but don’t really know anything about them, so it is with great pleasure that I present local maven and collector Anthony Elms’ first in a regular or irregular feature of artists books suggestions. He’ll be focusing on books that are generally affordable, still in print, and available to a Chicago buyer at a local bookstore […]

Weekend Preview – selected as a finalist to open for Everclear

Andreas Fischer @ Galhberg Gallery, Jeff Marlin @ Corbett vs. Dempsey, Mike Kloss @ The Hills, Daniel Lavitt @ Peregrine Program, Rune @ Ben Russell, MinimumixaM @ Pentagon, Ethan Greenbaum and Katrin Sigurdardottir @ The Suburban, Elijah Burgher @ Shane Campbell, Bobby Burg and Jeremy Bolen @ Andrew Rafacz, Vincent Como @ Proof, and Mark Booth, Karen Christopher, and John W. Sisson, Jr @ the Epiphany Episcopal Church, and Cabin Fever @ Co-Prosperity Sphere.

Seven Artists of the Week – blame weirdos not getting laid

This week’s picks from Ryan. Tuna safe dolphin!

Weekend Preview – fraught with icy slipscapes

Here’s whats up. Armita Raafat @ threewalls Armita Rafaat‘s work goes up this month at threewalls, covering the newly renovated space with Persian and Islamic arabesques falling and spreading and crumbling over and from the freshly built walls. Catch the show‘s opening reception is this Friday, January 15th from 6-9 @ threewalls, 119 N. Peoria St. Edelweiss […]

Seven Artists of the Week – ULTIMATE PAINTING

This week’s picks from Ryan, with an repeat replacement from me. Ultra-art.

Mark Mulroney @ ebersmoore

Mark Mulroney’s WEATHERBEE’S REVENGE is full of paintings that are dirty and gross and funny, operating on an adolescent paradigm where humor and violence and sexual fantasy are everything and interchangeable. Mulroney’s working process of painting his own depraved bodies under cut-out heads from Archie comics is simple enough, but the ridiculous narratives, awful jokes fit […]

Netherland / Chad Kouri @ Rotofugi

Despite their sharp cornered, faux-wood and steel physicality, there’s an undeniable comfort and familiarity to old school stereo equipment. Like a good tube amp or a vinyl record, they suggest a warmth of sound and barely retro aesthetic which brings invisible music closer to something tangible, simple, less scary, especially compared to the layered and compounded […]

Kim Piotrowski @ 65GRAND

While a bubbling zeitgeist, published theory, secret CIA promotion, institutional propping, market hype and bar booth collectives may be the most commonly understood forces by which art trends and made and made to move, one of my favorite and too often overlooked components of progress is the availability of new materials, and of how their introduction leads […]

Weekend Preview – clean hands, empty stomach

There are actually a ton of shows this weekend due to the holiday bottleneck, but here are my top picks: Kim Piotrowski @ 65GRAND 65GRAND shows off Kim Piotrowski‘s larger-scale crown forms, paintings and drawings full of dynamic marks and bold designs. The show, titled Crowns, opens this Friday, January 8th from 7-10 PM @ […]

Seven Artists of the Week – make things that express stuff

This week’s picks from Ryan. If you haven’t checked it out yet, go see the show he curated, The Power of Selection, Pt. 1 @ Western Exhibitions! I love my loser son!

MiniReview: Party Crashers @ Concertina Gallery

Party Crashers was Concertina’s curatorial take on the family and all the domestic confusion attached. They show featured a good balance of media, mostly photographs, but also prints by Canadian Inuit artist Annie Pootoogook, fax letterpresses by Micah Lexier, and a gallery-wide performance by Stan Shellabarger and Dutes Miller of their ongoing and ever distancing Pink […]

MiniReview: Michelle Welzen Collazo Anderson & Bernard Williams @ What It Is

Holly Holmes and Tom Burtonwood‘s domestic gallery space project, What It Is, provides a nice and homey retreat for contemporary art in Oak Park. Their last show featured the work of Michelle Welzen Collazo Anderson, a Chicago native and painter who presented bright textile pattern work inspired by a pair of Blum Jerro shoes, and […]

Top Five Shows of the Year That I Went To

There are still a few hours left in 2009, so here are my top five for the year. Since I started the blog well into the year, and have by no means the exposure to form any conclusive pool to reflect upon, I’ll only go with what I know. I can’t say that the following […]