Weekend Preview: Crash and Bury

Late late late:

Future Facing @ Old Gold

Return of Old Gold at new location with Aline Cautis, Josh Mannis, and Andy Roche. Friday, November 13th from 7-10 @ Old Gold, 3102 W Palmer Blvd.

Aline Cautis

Existence Value @ Happy Collaborationist Exhibition Space

Paul Cowan and Scott Cowan (AKA the Cowan brothers). Saturday, November 14th, 7-11 PM @ Happy Collaborationist Exhibition Space, 1254 N. Noble.

Los Hermanos Cowan

Los Hermanos Cowan

Deedee Davis and Casey Roberts @ Home Gallery

More human than a human, more nature than a nature. Closing reception Sunday, November 15th 12-3 PM @ Home Gallery, 1407 E. 54th Pl.

Deedee Davis, Pluto and the Plague Doctor

Deedee Davis, Pluto and the Plague Doctor

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