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Heartland @ The Smart Museum of Art

Heartland is about mid-western art: its existence, its creators and their motivations, its role and its history, and its place in the larger context of American and global culture. If that sounds like too big an undertaking for one show, you’re right – the Smart Museum show is only a  younger sister, the second iteration […]

Weekend Preview – Midwestern Twerk Ethic

Going to do this quick and superficially, since I’m supposed to be out the door already. Quick note: the search term “Liu Bolin” is generating more hits for this website than anything other than “Chicago Art Review,” perhaps because his work looks so well on the tiny images of the internet. If you’re interested in […]

Seven Artists of the Week – We were cured.

Jonathan Runcio, Robert Colescott, Dana Dart-McLean, John Copeland, Gianna Commito, Thomas Bayrle, Brennan McGaffey.

Australia @ Concertina Gallery

Since Logan Square’s Concertina Gallery is pretty fresh and steaming, I’ll introduce their newest show  by introducing the space itself: as I understand it, Concertina Gallery is the apartment gallery lovechild of directors and SAIC graduate students Katherine Pill and Francesca Wilmott, who, along with co-founder and former resident Corina Kirsch and design help from current […]

Weekend Preview – Haughty Canadian Accents

This week’s picks, featuring ebersmoore, Swimming Pool Project Space, Antena, Rhona Hoffman, and Concertina.

Seven Artists of the Week – A Sokolowian Plot Twist

This week’s picks from Ryan, including: Trenton Doyle Hancock, David Altmejd, Dzine, Glen Brown, Pia Fries, Chris Johanson, and Chris Burden.

Eric Lebofsky @ Western Exhibitions

Here in Western Exhibitions second gallery space and separated (though barely) by frames rather than by posting dates, Lebofsky’s heroes hold themselves well, funny by way of observational comedy and clever by way of creepy absurdity.

Weekend Preview: this gun won’t shoot

Hey, its Thursday and there are some good shows opening this weekend and you will find a list of the best of them below! On Paper @ Gahlberg Gallery With works on paper from Claire Sherman, Felix Malnig, Melissa Oresky (see below), and Robyn O’Neil (also at Tony Wight and recently reviewed here), this new […]

Seven Artists of the Week – Deadlines.

Weekly picks from Ryan, featuring: James Siena, Faris McReynolds, Marissa Textor, Joseph Hart, Jim Gaylord, Cleon Peterson, Chris Johanson.

Weekend Preview: a Bataillean pleasure kingdom

New spaces, happenings! This week’s preview picks are rare! Stolen @ Garage Spaces A brand new and curious sounding space in Humboldt Park opens this Friday with Stolen, a group show curated by Mike Bancroft and featuring appropriation artwork from Bert Stabler, Maria Perkovic, Roberto Cardenas, Evan Plummer, Alex Inglizian, Bridget Bancroft, Gabriel Carrasquillo, Experimental Sound Studio artists and […]

Seven Artists of the Week – Blondes

This week’s picks from Ryan, click images for links. If you’re in California this week, check out his work in the exhibition INFINITY, curated by Andrew Schoultz and opening this Saturday, October 10th @ Scion Space L.A. Work nights!

Lumpen Re-Release Party (not actually a release party)

While I don’t like getting this soap box dirty with unrelated posts, I want to do some quick hype work for Lumpen’s next issue since I like the magazine and I’ll have some writing in it and more upcoming as more issues come. The magazine, which has run for longer than any independent culture rag […]

Weekend Preview – Rainy Seasons

Its an institutional weekend! Heartland @ Smart Museum This weekend’s biggest show is at University of Chicago’s Smart Museum this week. Featuring work from a variety of artists, including and hopefully highlighted with a new huge wall piece by Deb Sokolow, Heartland brings out artists from and work speaking to the middle of America, which […]

Seven Artists of the Week – Lost Time

This week’s picks from Ryan, delivered fresh. Click images for bigger. Cooling off.