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Gimme Baby Robots @ The Empty Bottle (tonight!)

In case you haven’t heard, there’s a sweet auction tonight at The Empty Bottle. If you’re looking for top shelf art on a dime, Gimme Baby Robots is your kind of event: auctions start at just a few bucks – and with works from over a hundred artists including Jason Dunmars and Mike Rea on […]

Artphone: Wildlife Features @ Fill in the Blank Gallery

Better late than never: Mary from Fill in the Blank Gallery called last Thursday to talk about the relatively new gallery’s definitely new show, Wildlife Features from artist and illustrator Kyle Harter. The show opened Friday, but it runs through to September 26th at 5038 N. Lincoln Avenue. Here’s the free sounds: And as always, […]

Weekend Preview: When the oceans rise, we’ll be the new New York

Its an alt-space weekend! Open House @ Evan Lennox’s Apartment Its an SAIC party! Its a one night apartment gallery! Evan Lennox sent me an e-mail about this show he’ll be hosting with André Lenox and Lynnette Miranda, featuring work by a dozen Chicago artists including Brad Troemel, Eric Ashcraft, and Syniva Whitney. Check out more information at Curatorial Community, or […]

Seven Artists of the Week – for Seven Sisters

Another set of artists to check out courtesy of Ryan Travis Christian. Delicious. As always, click images for more, and don’t forget to check the ebersb9 review I just put up and immediately bumped down with this. Blackest part of night.

Google Searching for God @ ebersb9

Despite what everything from the title to the content and presentation of the work might suggest, I’m pretty sure that Jason Ferguson isn’t really concerned with God, or finding God, as much as he is in searching for him. With only three pieces installed, two of which are photographic prints and the third a sculptural relic […]

Transparent Reflect @ The Co-Prosperity Sphere

The very busy culture masters at the The Co-Prosperity Sphere put together a new show for us this weekend which features nine artists’ contemporary takes on the tradition of portraiture. Specifically, it was about the overlap between self portrait and portrait, that grey ground that exists in the relationship between artist and subject, the choice […]

Sunday Night Discussion Post

I only saw two shows this weekend but I just know there were more out there. What did you see? What did you like? Use the Comment feature below and tell me all about it.

Chicago Art Preview : Decide that this matters.

A weekend preview post! Jason Ferguson @ ebersb9 Unlike chemtrail theories and fleshlight cleaning techniques, the Google search engine may not be the best place to find God. Or maybe it is! Ebersb9 will be hosting relics from Jason Ferguson‘s Google Searching for God, his infinity-long multi-media project detailing his search for the almighty on the […]

Seven Artists of the Week – Deadly

Here’s something new I’m going to try:  The following picks are from Ryan Travis Christian, who has been posting an artist of the day pretty much every day on Facebook, and who has given me the nod to combine them into weekly posts. Look back next Wednesday for the next set! Click on images for […]

Built @ Laumeier Sculpture Park

I was touring through St. Louis this weekend and stopped by Laumeier Sculpture Park to walk and sweat and see their collection, which includes a killer Tony Tasset and a friendly Vito Acconci and many others. I was also very happy to find their indoor space filled with a group exhibition from the Kranzberg Exhibition Series, […]

No News is Good News

Unfortunately I’m spending a lot of this month on vacations that I cannot afford and am therefore missing three weeks of art openings in a row and as a result I have nothing to write about because I haven’t seen anything new. I don’t feel too bad about this weekend, considering that many (of my […]