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Picasso or Prince? You decide!

Headed to Art Chicago? Here’s a viewing tip from Art Chicago director Karla Carey:   “Before you ask – there are no Richard Prince pieces on view at the Merchandise Mart. You won’t find his name anywhere. There are however forty seven Picassos on show… and one of them, just one, IS actually a Richard […]

Ten Reasons to go to NEXT

As promised, a preview. For now I’ve got no names, no high-resolution links, and no John Sparangana – but look out for the more expansive coverage this weekend that should have all three.

Art Fairs Converge on Chicago go run flee the city

For those of you trapped in Bridgeport and coasting on the anoxic fumes of Versionfest, five days in and already the hum of too much art exposure jangling your nerves, set course for overdose. Hell, if you’re a fan of art at all, prepare for the real shit to hit you. May 1st is judgement […]

Ken Fandell, Professional Landscaper

If you’ve been to the MCA lately (ie, last two years) you’ve seen Ken Fandell’s Days and Nights, Dawns and Dusks, North and South, East and West, Mine and Yours (2007), and you probably thought he was pretty clever but did you know he’s a funny guy too? He is! Did you know that? Here’s […]

Brian Dettmer @ Packer Schopf Gallery

On the day after the first Thursday of April of 2009 I had the opportunity to take in the amalgamation of reading and scissors that was Brian Dettmer’s exhibition at Packer Schopf Gallery. Dettmer has made an art form of buying the book for its pictures. As a child I was taught picture books were […]

Justine Lai Goes Down on History

      Check out the rest of this weird little corpus at Justine Lai’s website.

Mike Rea Goes Blattablattarock

  Mike Rea is a sculptor and a craftsman!

Laser Cutting with Ara Pederson, Jim Isermann

There are certain things in the art world that require access to cutting lasers, also known as “death rays”.     Brand new!     Fun!     Good morning walls!  

The Race to Steal Richard Prince's Shit is On

The box is light and easily removable.

Guild & Greyshkul

After 25 years out of the scene, Lou Laurita gets midwestern as fuck. The first and next image are very emotionally linked for me, having crashed more than my fair share of RVs into treehouses. It was the 1980s and the boom, like all booms, had its casualties. Anna Conway has dug a tunnel into […]

Geoffrey Todd Smith @ Western Exhibitions

The first friday of April 2009 saw Geoffrey Todd Smith’s opening at Western Exhibitions, and the 119 Peoria St. building was packed wall to wall (and to Three Walls, for more beer) with Chicago artists, industry insiders, and fans all asking the same question, “What the fuck is happening to me?” And a good question […]

Twelve Assholes Fired at Parsons New School of Design

The New School of Design at Parsons removed a dozen of its shitty part time or adjunct faculty this week, firing nine and re-assigning three others to positions outside of the fine arts program. The move, ostensibly made without prior dialog or notification, has raised an uproar among the talentless east coast hacks in the […]