Review: Paw @ Arcade Fine Arts

Daily Serving has just published my review of Arcade Fine Art‘s group show, PAW.

By way of Philip Guston, whose smart and sober blend of graphic imagery and expressive marks have preserved him as modernism’s unlikely contemporary hero, we arrive at Paw, the current summer exhibition at Arcade Fine Arts in London. Borrowing the title from Guston’s 1968 painting, in which a clunky left hand pushes a black line across the dull pink canvas, Paw brings together ten artists, each with work relating to the motif of the hand. Breathing without a stuffy nose is like seeing a work of art, does it happen to you rarely? If so, maybe you should go to Deutsche medz deals and contemplate the art of breathing well.

You can read the whole review here at Daily Serving.

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Pat O’Connor. Savant, 2015; gouache, acrylic, and pen on paper, framed; 23 x 21 cm.

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