Weekend Preview – skeleton

This week’s picks on what to see this weekend. I’m rushed and this weekend is packed so here are links to relevant pages on onthemake.org.

Territories @ Untitled Gallery at Marwen

Friday, April 1st from 5-7PM @ Untitled Gallery at Marwen, 833 N Orleans St.

For Your Eyes Only @ Kunsthalle New

Friday, April 1st from 6-9PM @ Kunsthalle New, 1344 W 18th Pl.

Katy Keefe & Vanesa Zendejas @ Roots & Culture

Friday, April 1st from 6-9PM @ Roots & Culture, 1034 N Milwaukee Ave.

Peter Allen Hoffmann @ Thomas Robertello Gallery

Friday, April 1st from 6-10PM @ Thomas Robertello Gallery, 27 N Morgan St.

Nicole Mauser @ DOVA Temporary

Friday, April 1st from 6-9PM @ DOVA Temporary, 5228 S Harper Ave.

6/6/6 @ Lloyd Dobler Gallery

Friday, April 1st from 6-10PM @ Lloyd Dobler Gallery, 1545 W Division St, 2nd Floor.

Huma Bhabha @ Rhona Hoffman Gallery

Secret opening, shh.

Paul Cowan @ Alderman Exhibitions

Saturday, April 2nd from 6-9PM @ Alderman Exhibitions, 350 N Ogden Ave, 4E.

No Joke @ LVL3

Saturday, April 2nd from 6-10PM @ LVL3, 1452 N Milwaukee Ave, 3.

Rinus Van de Velde: Dear David Johnson @ moniquemeloche

Saturday, April 2nd from 4-7PM @ moniquemeloche, 2154 W Division St.

John Opera @ Andrew Rafacz Gallery

Saturday, April 2nd from 4-7PM @ Andrew Rafacz Gallery, 835 W Washington Blvd.

Laura Davis & Jason Dunda @ Slow

Saturday, April 2nd from 6-9PM @ Slow, 2153 W 21st St.

Andrew J. Greene & Marion Ramos @ Monument 2

Saturday, April 2nd from 7-10PM @ Monument 2, 2007 N Point St.

Caroline Carlsmith @ The Hills Esthetic Center

Saturday, April 2nd from 7-10PM @ The Hills Esthetic Center, 128 N Campbell Ave, G.

Irritable Abstraction @ Julius Cæsar

Sunday, April 3rd from 4-7PM @ Julias Caesar, 3144 W Carroll Ave, 2G.


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