Studio Visit: Jacob Goudreault

Jacob Goudreault

Jacob Goudreault

Jacob Goudreault

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  1. Pedrito wrote:

    You have 5000 anytime mnietus you can use all the time, N W means nights and weekends that are also free. M2M means mobil to mobil your right and that is free calling when you call anyone that also has the same service you have. No that does not mean you have free texts just free airtime with that unless you have a texting plan and then yes in most cases those are also added to your free mobil to mobil. If you have a data plan with your phone your AIM will not cost you anything but if you dont have a data plan and use it, You will be charged around $1.99 per megabyte so check with at t before you do because you can get a HUGE bill if you dont.

    Posted 26 Aug 2015 at 5:13 AM

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