Sunday Night Discussion Post

I only saw two shows this weekend but I just know there were more out there. What did you see? What did you like? Use the Comment feature below and tell me all about it.

I think of Tony Tasset every time I pee.

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  1. Virginia wrote:

    I visited the Around the Coyote First Annual Painting Exhibition. The work varied from fairly mediocre to a few really nice pieces.

    My favorite were three pieces by Blair Michele Meehan. She’s exploring the non-stereotypical and aggressive aspects of the color pink, which she is quite unabashedly obsessed with. While this sounds potentially god-awful , her work was definitely in the top three for competence with paint technique and at least to me, her large piece of three flamingos tearing at a zebra was the most striking in the show.

    I also really enjoyed Elizabeth Kauffman’s two small paintings of young women and there were two large pieces by an artist whose name I don’t remember and can’t find online, that were really nice as well. They were narrative landscapes with some surreal imagery that were pretty nice to get lost in.

    Did anyone else see this show?

    Posted 24 Aug 2009 at 7:57 PM

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