Chicago Art Preview : Decide that this matters.

A weekend preview post!

Jason Ferguson @ ebersb9

Unlike chemtrail theories and fleshlight cleaning techniques, the Google search engine may not be the best place to find God. Or maybe it is! Ebersb9 will be hosting relics from Jason Ferguson‘s Google Searching for God, his infinity-long multi-media project detailing his search for the almighty on the Internet. Check out the opening on Friday, August 21st, 6-9 PM @ ebersb9, 1359 W. Chicago, apartment B9.

Jason Ferguson, God Sighting A

Jason Ferguson, God Sighting A

Transparent Reflect  @ The Co-Prosperity Sphere

Also posted as The Portrait Show, this southmore group exhibition will feature artwork exploring portraits and self portraits as they fit with the contemporary moment. I haven’t been to the Sphere since I watched Lord of the Yum Yum blow out the eardrums of a ecstatic five year old. That’ll be hard to top. Transparent Reflect opens Friday, August 21st, at 6 PM @ The Co-Prosperity Sphere, 3219-21 South Morgan.

Adam Golfer, Kin (9)

Adam Golfer, Kin 9

Joe Grimm and Ben Russell @ Vega Estates

Two one-night only installations go up in Pilsen’s Vega Estates this Saturday: Joe Grimm’s The World of Things in Themselves, a sensual projector show that appear to mesmerize with epileptic phasing and Ben Russel‘s An Incantation for Eternity, a five part projector and speaker and prism and feedback magic dust installation that will possibly create pentagrams in the air. Too much fun to miss. Both shows open Saturday, August 22nd, 6 – 10 PM @ Vega Estates, 723 W 16th Street.

A motherfucking CONE OF LIGHT

A motherfucking CONE OF LIGHT

Painting Competition @ Around the Coyote

There’s a 1st Annual for everything, including this competition from the freshly Splat Flat folks of Around the Coyote, curated by Sara Schnadt. Check it out this Saturday, August 22nd, 6 – 9 PM @ Around the Coyote, 1817 w division street.

Mark Hansen, Lifted Up, Leveled Off

Mark Hansen, Lifted Up, Leveled Off

Also be sure to go to the secret show. If you know what I’m talking about, I’ll see you there!

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