Works on Paper Juried Exhibition @ Around the Coyote

The full title of this latest show from Around the Coyote (2nd Annual Joseph Frasca Memorial Works on Paper Juried Exhibition) may be all the introduction you need. This is indeed a works on paper exhibition, the second in as many years, and it is in memory of Joseph Frasca. If you haven’t read the history of Around the Coyote, spend a hot minute reading it here. For more recent history, including the exodus from the Flatiron Building to the Splat Flats spaces, dig through this juicy Chicago Reader article too.

Around the Coyote

Around the Coyote (not pictured: the Flat Iron building)

As interesting as the space’s story is, as with all things its what’s inside that counts. With so many artists represented, this exhibition brought pause and praise in the same breath – for a juried exhibition, there is a lot of work, but almost all of that work is well done or better, and reflected the polished, high aesthetic that has been sneaking into studios this year.

Its hard to complain, but I did feel the show as a whole would have breathed better had a few pieces been left out. If nothing else, the breadth of what Zg Gallery‘s Myra Casis and Meg Sheehy chose to juried in spoke to the amount of quality work that had been submitted, so ten points there to the artists.

Around the Coyote

Elizabeth Kauffman, Amoeba

Stephen Mishol, TAMP

Stephen Mishol, TAMP

Some highlights from the show include Stephen Mishol‘s painting TAMP (above), a baffling vinyl paint construction and one of the most eerily balanced compositions I’ve seen this summer, Kristin Reger‘s MothsHans Habeger‘s Composition with Orange Door, Susan Wolsborn‘s Housefire, and Josh Reame‘s Insatiable.

Those picks may seem slanted toward painting, but so was the show. And after all, what better surface for the young 21st century painter than paper, free from the presumptions of canvas and at a fraction of the cost? Crank out a hundred paintings, burn all but the ten best!

Kristen Reger, Moths

Kristin Reger, Moths

Composition with Orange Door

Hans Habeger, Composition with Orange Door

I liked this show and enjoyed almost all of the work included, though it could have been cut down a little. While satisfying on its own, it helps that two other galleries are having their own excellent summer shows just around the block, making Wicker Park / Noble Square a significant clutch of art this month.

I give it a:


The 2nd Annual Joseph Frasca Memorial Works on Paper Juried Exhibition runs July 11th, 2009 through August 15th, 2009 @ Around the Coyote, 1817 W. Division St.

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  1. michele wrote:

    awwwww, no image of deb rockman’s piece? too bad. uber obsessive compulsive, ultra-smooth (no show of the hand), colored pencil on mylar.

    Posted 16 Jul 2009 at 7:22 PM
  2. Steve Kush Ruiz wrote:

    Oh yeah! That was a good drawing.

    Posted 16 Jul 2009 at 7:30 PM
  3. Anne wrote:

    Hi Steve, Thanks so much for stopping by the show and I’m glad you enjoyed it! I just wanted to say that the first image of a piece in this post is called “Amoeba” and it’s by artist Elizabeth Kauffman.

    Posted 16 Jul 2009 at 9:26 PM
  4. Steve Kush Ruiz wrote:

    Thanks Anne, I could’t track that down. Edited in!

    Posted 16 Jul 2009 at 9:31 PM
  5. grippinglyauthentic wrote:


    damien james here. We spoke briefly at the ATC festival a couple weekends ago. i just wanted to pass my email along to you –
    i hope you’re well, and thanks for saying hello.

    Posted 28 Oct 2009 at 8:33 PM

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