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While there are otherbetter places to get previews of weekend gallery openings and events, my recent exposure to Twitter feeds, press releases in my inbox, and clairvoyance (a power gained after being bitten by a radioactive clairvoyant) have all led logically to this: a weekend preview post. These are not top five lists or a listing of all reported gallery openings. These are simply events which I will attend, attempt to attend, or which I will attend astrally through radioactive projection.
Keep an eye out for me, in these shoes, this weekend.

Keep an eye out for me, in these shoes, this weekend.

Summer Residents Exhibition @ Threewalls

Gitte Bog, Susan Lee-Chun, and Kang-hyun Ahn! A perfect opportunity for those who were turned down for residencies to grouse over Grolsch, and a far rarer opportunity to see artwork this summer that skips the market and heads straight for sewing checkerboard wallpaper. Opening this Friday the 10th, 6 – 9 PM at 119 N. Peoria.

Size Matters Packer Schopf

Potentially the biggest and best fuck-all group show of the summer, Aaron Packer has really packed his gallery full of work, including (among many others) a bebonered, Han Solo inspired self portrait in wooden carbonite by Mike Rea, selections from the Coming out Online project by Doug Smithenry (who recently asked me for tips about gouache, go figure), and some kind of epic stag hunt painting by Jenn Wilson. Opening Friday, July 10th from 5 – 8 PM at 942 W. Lake Street.

Greg Murr @ Perimeter

Watercolors from the only painter with the guts to paint a stack of dogs. Remember to bang your lids left when traveling in the River North district. Opening reception Friday, July 10th from 5 – 8 PM at 210 W. Superior.

Antoine Catala @ Tony Wight

Proving one show at a time that video art can sometimes kick all ass, Wight’s latest show features a techno-trippy fourth dimentional video portrait which you can watch right here. No opening reception, but it will go up on Saturday the 11th at 119 N Peoria.

Big Youth @ Corbett vs. Dempsey

Thirteen emerging painters. Don’t you love the summer? Opening Saturday, July 11th from 5 – 9 PM @ 1120 N. Ashland.

NAH POP NO STYLE @ Roots and Culture

A painting show (!!!) featuring eleven Baltimore and Providence artists. Opening Saturday, July 11th from  6 – 9 PM  at 1034 N. Milwaukee. As a bonus: Roots and Culture are also hosting at their location, at 9 PM, the after-party for Corbet vs. Dempsey‘s current show, Big Youth. This is the place to be Saturday night.

And that’s all that I’m really excited about. Protip, galleries: if you’re having a reception, why not put those details online?

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  1. Scott Speh wrote:

    Why aren’t you excited by the Corbett vs Dempsey show?

    Posted 08 Jul 2009 at 6:42 PM
  2. Steve Kush Ruiz wrote:

    Oddly enough, I thought that had opened last weekend. I’ll edit it in. Am I the only one who feels ashamed?

    Posted 08 Jul 2009 at 6:46 PM
  3. Andy Fox wrote:


    Posted 08 Jul 2009 at 8:28 PM
  4. kathryn wrote:

    I’m looking forward to the “puppet thing” at Spoke.

    Posted 09 Jul 2009 at 12:52 AM

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